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Kasia Sosnowski examines grief in new exhibit at Casa

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Local artist Kasia Sosnowski is a familiar face working at the Southern Alberta art Gallery, but she gets to show off her own explorations of the theme of grief at  Casa, with her new exhibit “Good Grief,” which opens tonight and runs until Oct. 19.
“Ninety per cent of the pieces were created at the kiln at Casa,” Sosnowski said adding she wanted to examine another side to grief with the exhibit.

Kasia Sosnowski opens her exhibit Good Grief at Casa tonight. Photo by Richard Amery
“ I had just broken up with my boyfriend and I had a death in my family which really affected me,” she said, adding the bright colour palette gives the them a lighter feel.

“ Grief is  challenging. There is a lot of sadness.  I used a lot of bright colours because I wanted to explore grief as a capacity for change,” she said.

 “ There is a negative side to grief and depression and sadness but I wanted  to do something more playful,” she said.

She used the kiln to create  dark red tear drops/rain drops as well as an assortment of body parts- mostly butts.
“There are lots of body parts and tons of butts because butts are really funny,” she said.


Local artists explore motherhood at Casa

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New mothers Laura Ajayi and April Matisz drew artistic inspiration from being isolated from the artistic community while raising their children. So they developed “Mommy, Mama, Mother , Mum.”April Matisz and Laura Ajayi set up their exhibit at Casa. Photo by Richard Amery
“We each have a five-year-old and a three-year-old,” said April Matisz.

“ This exhibit is about integrating all of the work of motherhood with being part of a community,” she continued, noting she collaborated with Ajayi on several of the pieces.
“For example I sent her a picture of a child I drew and she added things like gold stars and even pasted sugar on one piece,” Matisz said, adding she started thinking about the exhibit after the birth of her second  child.

 One wall is dominated by Matiisz’s coloured pictures of children.
“ Some of them are pictures of my children, but most of them are composites of my friends‘ photos of their children from social media,” she said.
“They are interesting and different based on the experiences of motherhood,” she said.
Ajayi’s work is mostly textile art including a piece of a umbilical cord.


Marian Godfrey explores motherhood in art exhibit

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Marian Godfrey has returned home to Lethbridge from Victoria for a few days to share her new art exhibit Wire Mother at the Lethbridge Public Library.Marian Godfrey premiered her new art exhibit Wire Mother last week. It runs until Nov.30. Photo by Richard Amery
“They are all works I did in about the last two years, but most of them were done in the past month,” said Godfrey. She recently started painting in water colours.
 The exhibit features several of of her works.

“ Most of them are self portraits. But there are also  the Floating Franny series,” she said, adding they are of her beloved beagle but with an umbilical cord. There is also a portrait of Shaela Miller.


Intimacy features fem positive artists for FLIPFest

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FLIPfest has added an artistic component to this year’s festival, which runs all over downtown, Friday, Aug. 24-Aug. 26 with a market and a performance by Amy Nelson.Kylie Fineday with some of the art for the intimacy exhibit. photo by Richard Amery
 The exhibit, ’Intimacy,’ runs at The Dr. Penny Foster Building, Aug. 25-Sept, 14.
 It features female and non binary artists from as far away as Montreal.
“It’s an artistic celebration of femme and non binary artists who are exploring the themes of body image and self love,” observed curator Kylie Fineday.

 The exhibit features the works of 19 artists who have submitted approximately 30 pieces including textile art, paintings and photographs.
 Winnipeg artist Mahlet Cuff is the featured artist of the exhibition who submitted a series of four photographs.

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