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L.A. Beat helps fight ALS

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 When you think about it, and not to be too morbid about the subject, life itself is a death sentence. There is no escaping it — like taxes, death is the great equalizer, no matter how much money you have or what your socioeconomic status is. The secret is to make life pay for it first — or at least enjoy it — every moment that you can.

 I took a night off from covering the wealth of entertainment happening in Lethbridge this weekend to help a great cause — fighting ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) known to most as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, named after the famous New York Yankees baseball player. So I stayed home Saturday to get up early and go to Calgary to join approximately 1,200 other runners and walkers (including my dad, sister and myself) raising money and awareness about ALS by either walking a five km (we walked) or running a five mile circuit in North Glenmore Park. ALS is a horrible, incurable disease in which the victim’s nerve endings die, which leads to the atrophy of the muscles, the loss of movement, the loss of speech and eventually death after an average of two years. And even worse, the person’s mind remains in perfect condition so they know what’s happening to them but can’t do anything about it. They become and remain prisoners in their own bodies. I should know, because my mom passed away from it, Feb. 29, 2004. She was only diagnosed with it two years previously. I helped drive her down to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester , Minnesota, just to make sure we weren’t mistaken. We weren’t.

 Mom enjoyed life fully. She loved everyone and did everything, she played golf , bridge, squash, tennis, pottery, knitting, crochet. She used to be a nurse and she sold real estate. You name it, she did it. She loved to be active. She even travelled around Saudi Arabia and the Mid East in the 1950s, before she met my dad. That was something she never shared with my sister and I. We found one of her old passports while sorting out her possessions which had stamps from all over the world. You never know.


Meet the Beat

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Since officially releasing my new “baby” L.A. Beat to the world last week. I have been overwhelmed by all of the support I‘ve received from everybody. I thank you all for that.

It is really quite touching. And it goes to show that no matter what people say, Lethbridge's music, art, drama and cultural scene is definitely big enough to support an “alternative” newspaper. Except this one is completely online for now and it will focus on the arts in Lethbridge— all of the arts. Not just music, though that is my specialty.

In nutshell, L.A. Beat is a one-stop shop for all things cultural going on in the city and the surrounding area. L.A. Beat is the one stop answer to anybody who asks/complains that there is nothing to do in Lethbridge. You’ll find through listings including the date, time, location and a brief description of the event and usually a web link about the performer if it is available. And if you don‘t know where to go, click on the little footprint icon and it will open up a map to the venue.

There will also be CD reviews, concert reviews and previews. And the same goes for art, drama, poetry—anything cultural. But I need to know about it before I can publish it. Contact me by e-mail or my brand new Facebook group with your listings and events at least until L.A. Beat e-mail is set up.

To answer a couple questions which have been cropping up. My listings are not designed to replace those in other media outlets but to enhance them. Same with coverage. I'm not trying to compete against other media, but to enhance their coverage — to fill a void which I feel is crying to be filled in a more comprehensive manner.

As I‘ve always said in my 17-some years of covering the arts for numerous media outlets including the Meliorist at the U of L back in the day — it’s all about supporting the cats who are out there doing it. It always has been. Not only by writing and photographing them, but getting out there and supporting them. This city oozes talent from every pore, it is a shame not to support it. There is a whole wide world of culture — music, drama , art — just waiting to be discovered by you in your own back yard.

Also, as soon as L.A. Beat really starts to grow, I will be seeking other writers but as it stands, I‘m doing it all myself. I‘ll be needing more submissions as the site and expansion plans grow. Look for a letters page, a musician/ artists directory, links to other arts supporters and a lot of other fun stuff.

So thanks for reading. L.A.Beat is my baby — I can‘t wait to watch her grow.

—Richard Amery, L.A. Beat editor/publisher

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