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Young artists SOAR with information and entertainment for SOAR Festival 3

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Young artists  have an excellent opportunity to learn new skills and show off their own during the third annual SOAR  Emerging Artists Festival, May 31-June 4.Muffy Mckay is excited about SOAR 3, May 31-June 4 at Casa. Photo by Richard Amery
Casa hosts a busy week of art, symposiums and local talent during the annual festival.
“ It will be so amazing,” summarized Allied Arts Council communications coordinator Kelaine Devine, who looks forward to the variety of events happening throughout the SOAR Festival.

SOAR 2017 opens with the first of three cabaret nights at Casa, May 31. Featured acts are Lethbridge circus act Gymfinity Aerials, plus short plays “My Daughter‘s Father” by Sydney Murdoch and “Severance Pay” by  Griffin Cook and Ben Price Magic.
Cabaret night 2, June 1, includes “My Daughter’s Father” by Sydney Murdoch “Follow me on Instagram” by Kristen Krein and “Come Home” from Moot Entertainment.
Cabaret 3, June 2, features Hannah Rud’s “ Awkward Girl” and Newman Mentalism performing “Letters to West 113th.”

SOAR passes are $50 which includes admission to all three of the cabarets and the symposiums June 3 and 4. Otherwise admission is $10 for each cabaret night.
 Admission to the seminars and to the cabarets is open to everybody, though participation is the cabarets is restricted to young artists 18-34.

 Project and Member Services director Muffy McKay noted different symposiums won’t conflict with each other this year.

“There’s no conflict. You will be able to attend all of them if you want to for $25,“ she said, noting there are a variety of symposiums on the nuts and bolts of making a living in entertainment, covering topics like taxes, applying for grants and other interesting topics.
 There are also a lot of fun symposiums including Nick Bohle’s seminar on preparing for interviews in front of video cameras.


Windy Castle Medieval Faire needs a “Kickstart” in the right direction

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The Windy Castle Medieval Faire is looking for some community support via a Kickstarter Campaign running May 1-15.

“We‘re only looking for $4,500 because we need to put the down payment on the jousters and  the caterers, so the community are voting with their dollars about how much the audience wants to see,” said co-organizer Junanita DeVoJuanita Devos is wating for you catll to donate to the Windy Castle Medieval Faire Kickstarter fund. Photo by Richard Amerys.
 The event takes place at the Coyote Flats Pioneer Village outside of Picture Butte, July 29-30 featuring a replica of a medieval village.

 There will be a variety of events including a hay bale maze, a Medieval feast, puzzles, costumes,  games, bouncy castles and an “eventful ” wagon ride into the coulee and plenty of other activities.
“There’s going to be puzzle questions and things to test your mind. there will be something for everyone,” she said.

“We’re even going to have a unicorn,” she enthused.
 The Kickstarter campaign raised $500 in the first three days of the campaign. There are several levels of a support mostly named after various aspects of wind such as Tsunami, Flurry, Zephyr, Whirlwind and Typhoon.
 Any pledge over five dollars gets your name on a banner to be displayed in the feast hall.


Trailer Park fun comes back to Lethbridge with Randy and Mr.Lahey

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     John Dunsworth, who is often known for playing perpetually drunk trailer park  manger Mr. Lahey on the Trailer Park boys is excited to bring his sidekick Randy (Pat Roach)  back to Lethbridge to perform at Soundgarden, May 6.

Randy and Mr. lahey return to Lethbridge this weekend. photo submitted
“We just finished season 11 of the Trailer Park Boys on Netflix and starting Season 12. But I never know what I’m doing on the show until about a week before we film it. The boys are always writing and reading and rewriting and writing and sometimes they just throw it out,” Dunsworth said.

“I’m always impressed by how far they have managed to stretch the concept. I’ve always considered it was due to them being geniuses,” he said.
He noted he has been performing a lot of shows with Randy in the United States where The Trailer Park Boys is very popular.

“We played 100 shows last year, most of them in the U.S. I’ve been going through  paperwork from the tour, like hotel and meal receipts, but among that is a lot of paper from fans saying how much the Trailer Park Boys mean to them,“ he said.
 While he is known for playing  a drunk on stage, Dunsworth said he doesn’t drink.

“I’ll get people coming up to me saying ‘I can drink you under the table  Mr. Lahey.’ and when I tell them I don’t drink they’re disappointed.  Like ‘oh no, image shattered.’ But I always tell people it‘s more fun pretending to be drunk than it is to be drunk,” he said, adding he worked with Trailer Park Boys  creator Mike Clattenburg to create the character.


Rick Mercer examines what it means to be Canadian

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To quote fellow comedic road warriors the Arrogant Worms “Canada is really big” as fellow comedic road warrior Rick Mercer will attest.
 Mercer will convey his perspective on what it means to be Canadian at the Enmax Centre, April 29.

Rick Mercer talks about what it means to be Canadian at the Enmax Centre this week. Photo by Jon Sturge, Mercer Report
It isn’t a stand -up comedy show, but is rather a celebration of Canada which is appropriate for Canada’s 150th birthday.

“It isn’t a stand up comedy show, though I do that. I talk about what it means to be Canadian,” said Mercer, who has visited every nook and cranny of Canada talking to everybody from politicians, all the living prime ministers to farmers and oyster fishermen during 15 seasons of his CBC television series “The Rick Mercer Report” and another eight seasons of “This Hour Has 22 Minutes.”

“I have a map of Canada in my office with red pins showing all the places I’ve been over the past 15 years. And I can barely see the map anymore. I’m very proud of that map,” Mercer observed, noting there are still a lot of places he still wants to visit.
“Very few people get the opportunity to do what I’ve done, but there’s still plenty of places to go,” he said.

“This is what I’ve been doing for the past 15 years, so a show like this is totally within my scope,” he said.

He noted he won’t be filming anything for the show on this tour.

“I’ve had the same crew for the past 15 years, three at first, now four. But they aren’t coming with me. It will just be me,” he said.
Rick Mercer’s rants are a highlight of the Rick Mercer Report. He never has any difficulty coming up with them.
“I usually have six or seven  things I want to talk about every week though they don’t necessarily have to be funny,” he said.
“I write all of them myself on Thursday night and they air on Friday in front of the studio audience, though we don’t do them live,” he said.

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