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1814 20 Ave
T1M 1N1
Country: ca


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Date Title Venue Type
Fri, Jun 12 Toxic holocaust with Parapsychotic and the Dregs The Vent Metal
Sat, Jun 13 Psychomantium, First Church of Mud The Vent Metal
Fri, Jun 26 The Phantom Creeps, The Rigormorticians The Vent Alternative
Sat, Jul 11 Thrashomatic and Darkness Rising The Vent Metal
Fri, Jul 24 Kilyaki with Double Odd Gut Shot, Parapsychotic, Psychomantium and Reverend Kill The Vent Metal
Fri, Aug 7 Chief Mountain, the dregs, Double Odd Gutshot, Parapsychotic The Vent Metal
Sat, Aug 8 Bravado, Profits of Doom, Psychomantium The Vent Metal
Sun, Aug 9 One False Move with GSTS, The Dregs, Deathspot Radio The Vent Metal
Fri, Aug 21 Dated Delay The Vent Rock
Sat, Aug 29 Bamboo Guppies The Vent Rock
Sat, Sep 5 New Jacobin Club, the Parapsychotic The Vent Metal
Fri, Sep 11 The Brixton Robbers, The Parapsychotic, the Dregs The Vent Alternative
Fri, Oct 2 DayGlo Abortions The Vent Alternative
Thu, Apr 29 the Frostbacks The Vent Metal
Sat, May 15 SNFU with Parapsychotic, Silenced Youth, Savanah The Vent Alternative
Fri, Jun 11 Dead Jesus with Parapsychotic, Necrobiosis and Martial Law The Vent Metal
Sat, Sep 4 Thrash For Paws The Vent Metal
Wed, Sep 8 The Mentors with Parapsychotic, Mr. Plow and more The Vent Metal
Wed, Oct 20 Berserker, Tarantuja, Caste of Shadows The Vent Metal
Fri, Apr 8 Sacred Savage, Parapsychotic, Stressed Out, Pilgrimage of the Lost The Vent Metal
Sat, Apr 9 Triple Threat The Vent Metal
Sat, Apr 23 Frightenstein, Dead Jesus, Reverend Kill, Martial Law The Vent Metal
Wed, May 4 Kobra and the Lotus with Caste of Shadows and Parapsychotic The Vent Metal
Sun, Aug 14 Auroch with Psycomantium, Auroch, Mortillery and Celestial Coffin The Vent Metal
Sat, Oct 29 Ah Bee Normal The Vent Rock
Tue, Dec 6 Dayglo Abortions with Parapsychotic, Gender Bender and Scallywags The Vent Alternative
Sat, Apr 28 Gravity Crash with Sacred Savage The Vent Rock
Fri, May 11 Scythia, Ides of Winter, Naraka, Parapsychotic The Vent Metal
Sun, Dec 23 Bitchsplitter with Reverend Kill and Kryosphere Cancelled The Vent Metal
Sat, Jan 19 The Avulsion, Ted Bundy, Trancide, Pandemic Being, the Morbidly Depraved The Vent Metal
Thu, Jul 18 Santuarium The Vent Metal
Fri, Mar 7 First Bloody metal show of the year with Death Toll Rising, Ides of winter and Tramp Stamper The Vent Metal
Sat, May 3 The Motherfuckers, The Dregs and The Scallywags The Vent Rock
Sun, May 18 Dethbridge Psyk-o-fest The Vent Rock
Fri, Aug 29 Lethbridge Dethfest The Vent Metal
Sat, Aug 30 Lethbridge Dethfest The Vent Metal
Fri, Oct 10 Royal Red Brigade The Vent Rock
Sat, Jan 24 Folk Punk Extravaganza ewith the Riverjacks, Scallywags, Space Wolves, gender bender, Corneilius Von The Vent Rock