Sweatshop Union can’t wait to play Lethbridge

Vancouver-based rapper Kyprios got hit by a car last time he was in Lethbridge, but that isn’t deterring him from looking
Kyprios is looking forward to returning to Lethbridge with Sweatshop Union.
forward to returning to the Blarney Stone to perform with Sweatshop Union, July 16.
“We were out on a beautiful jog near Henderson Lake and  I got hit by a car. I jumped on the hood of the car. He wasn’t looking. The guy almost killed me,” Kyprios said over the phone from Vancouver, where he was celebrating his 28th birthday. He was due to start a tour of B.C, Alberta and the Northwestern U.S with Sweatshop Union, July 10.
“But seriously, I am looking forward to getting back to Lethbridge. We have a day off the day before, So I’m hoping we can get in a day early. I was hoping to see a baseball game,” Kyprios continued, who was just in Lethbridge in May with Mobadass.
“There are a couple of differences. With Mobaddass, there is a band who are playing to support each other. If the bass player or guitarist screws up  and misses a note, you may have to improvise. With Sweatshop, we’re playing with a DJ so the music is all canned and the only person who can screw up is you. And it’s a lot more fun when you have all MCs on stage,” he said adding he enjoys working with Mobadass, Sweatshop Union as much as he enjoys working solo. In fact he has a new solo CD due out Oct. 5 called “Midnight Sun.”
Because of that and the three different groups affiliated with Sweatshop Union — Pigeon Hole, Dirty Circus and Innocent Bystanders all working on their own material, the fifth Sweatshop Union CD could be a ways off. Sweatshop Union’s CD “Water Street” was released last October. But that means a Sweatshop Union show include some material from all of the groups as well as Kyprios’ solo material.
“It’s nice to have that variety. I’ve lived in New York and Toronto and Vancouver. When I was living in New York, there were things I missed about Toronto,” he continued adding when he tours with Mobadass, there are things he misses about touring with Sweatshop Union too. He is a busy man, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a challenge. 
“I manage my time very poorly. I’m a pretty fly by the seat of my pants person. I just do what needs to be done at that moment. Hopefully it gets done well,” he said.
 While Sweatshop Union’s music has a pretty prevalent political stance, Kyprios said it is more important to create a party atmosphere at a Sweatshop Union show.
“We want to create a party atmosphere. We want people to be dancing and moving. Hopefully the beats will do their job. We don’t go out there and preach, we want them to come and party and if you take something else away from it, that’s cool too,” he said adding often the lyrics are lost in club noise.
Tickets for Sweatshop Union, Absent Minds, Deezuz and DJS Booda and Daemon cost $10 in advance from Infamous, Boarderline, Blueprint Music and the Blarney Stone or $15 at the door. The show begins at 9 p.m.
— Richard Amery, L.A. Beat editor 

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 15 July 2009 14:25 )