Fred Eaglesmith is fantastic

Fred Eaglesmith was in Lethbridge for an outstanding sold out show at the Slice, July 9. He had a crack band and backup singers, The Ginn Sisters who provided back up after an outstanding set of Austin country twang and gorgeous harmonies.
 Eaglesmith played a lot of great old  material including “Rev It Up,” “Alcohol and Pills,” “Indian Motorcycles,” “105,” “Freight Train” and of course “49 Tonnes”  was interspersed between earthy jokes, admonishments to the crowd to be quiet while he was singing in between a few tracks off of last year’s  twisted gospel CD “Tinderbox” including “Pray Now,” “Fancy God,” and “Get on Your Knees.”
 Even better he brought back some of the popular songs from his bluegrass CDs from a few years ago like “I Shot Your Dog,” and  “30 years of Farming,” which James King turned into a bluegrass hit. Though he didn’t play my favourite song  “Indiana Road,” you can’t go wrong with Fred whose character, sense of humour and unparalleled songwriting talent and charisma talent always shine through in any show.
—Richard Amery, L.A, Beat editor