Promonium Jesters shake the walls


I was glad I stopped by the Slice, one of six people taking in an exceptional and loud punk show from Ontario’s Adaptive Promonium Jesters. Photo by Richard AmeryReaction and the Promonium Jesters, May 25.

I arrived at the beginning of Adaptive Reaction’s exciting set. the trio, a drummer, a guitarist Myke and a keyboardist vocalist, Amy, which lead to a contrast in styles.

When Amy sang, she took  the crowd back to late ’70s Vancouver/Victoria punk a la the Dishrags, mixed with more modern alternative and grunge era music like Hole.

She added some queer synth sounds which were something else entirely. When Myke sang, his DOA shirt said it all as his songs were pure adrenaline fueled DOA, style punk.
 Adaptive Reaction at the Slice. Photo by Richard Amery

The Promonium Jesters, brought more synth, a lot of energy and the spirit of the likes of Skinny Puppy and Rage Against the Machine.

There wasn’t a bass in sight but the wall of sound they supplied shook the Slice to it’s very core, rattling beer glasses on vibrating tables.

I  was almost afraid the roof would collapse. They almost knocked you down with that wall of sound.

 They ended with four guitars creating the wall followed by the lead singer ripping the strings off of his.

— by Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor