Shotgun Jimmie introduces new band


I didn’t want to miss Shotgun Jimmie at the Owl Acoustic lounge.Foerest Tate Fraser playing country tinged rock. Photo by Richard Amery

I missed a new Paul Lawton band called ‘Summer,”  July 6 at the Owl Acoustic Lounge, but arrived at the tail end of a country tinged indie-rock set  by Forest Tate Fraser.

 They had  a packed house of about 80 people dominated by most of the familiar faces from the University of Lethbridge radio station CKXU, 88.3 FM.

Shotgun Jimmie introduced his new band to Lethbridge, July 6. Photo by Richard AmeryThey finished with an upbeat rocker including some steel guitar, bass drums and vocals.

 But I wanted to check out Shotgun Jimmie’s new trio bassist Ian Kehoe who is best known for being part of “Attack in Black” and Ladyhawke drummer Ryan Peters.
They locked in  and played a tight set, coming and  across as  Joel Plaskett mixed with a touch of Weezer.

Shotgun Jimmie (Jim Kilpatrick) sang a set of upbeat, quirky and immediately enjoyable rock, including music from his latest CD “Transistor Sister” as well as a couple brand new songs.
“Suzie” was just one of many catchy highlights.

— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor
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