Sonic bombing with the Hot Blood Bombers this week

The Hot BLood Bombers  hit Henotic , Aug. 23. Photo Submitted
If you had your fill of country music after Whoop -Up Days, then get your rock on with the Hot Blood Bombers on Aug. 23.
The Regina based old school rock n’ roll trio  play Henotic with  Winnipeg’s Hot Live Guys and Lethbridge’s own Myelin Sheaths for a special Sunday night show.
“We’re going out to Vancouver and  back and playing 10-11 dates,” said Hot Blood Bombers’ guitarist/vocalist  David Schneider, promising the set will include mostly new material from their upcoming fourth CD. The band’s sounds combines a variety of old school rock sounds including  early ’70s punks like MC5 and the New York Dolls.
“Whenever we tour we usually play all new songs. We play whatever we want. Usually the newest material seems to be what we want to play,” he continued adding that made it easy to record the new CD in three days after coming off a winter-spring tour which included a stop at the Slice in February.
“It’s just getting mixed and mastered. It might be ready for our  September and October tour (which will take the band across Canada),” Schneider said of the CD, which was recorded over three days in May.
“We did the bass and drums on day one, the guitars on day two and the vocals and everything else on day three. The last two records were recorded like that,” he continued.
“There’s a few extras, but we like to keep it pretty basic and raw.”
Schneider agreed the Hot Blood Bombers are an anomaly on the Regina music scene, which is dominated by classic rock cover bands and indie rock.
“There’s lots of deadly bands in Regina, but they’re not what I’d call rock and roll. There’s really four venues and a lot of bars have cover bands but I don’t pay attention to that. Then there’s the Rah Rah Rahs and Library Voices who  are like the Broken Social Scene of Regina with nine or 10 members,” he said  adding while  the Hot Blood Bombers, also including  drummer Herb Exner and bassist Shane Grass, get along with the other bands, they don’t play with them very often, averaging about a home town gig every three months. They’d rather play out of town.
“Playing out of town is a lot more fun,” he said, adding their sound evolved organically.
“When Herb and I formed the band, me and Herb had an idea about the kind of songs we  we wanted to write.  So we started playing them. When we started we were just out of high school and we didn’t go to shows, so we didn’t really know who was playing,” he continued adding the band is looking forward to returning to Lethbridge and playing with Paul Lawton and the rest of the Myelin Sheaths. 
“We’re touring with the Hot Live Guys and they’re a crazy  live band.They’re going to be fun. They’ll be off the wall and will tear the roof off. It’s going to be a crazy, loud rock and roll show,” he enthused.
—By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat editor
Last Updated ( Tuesday, 18 August 2009 11:30 )