DeSouza glad to be back

It’s good to be back for Lethbridge born musician Marq DeSouza  who played an intimate gig in the GCBC Lounge, Monday, Nov. 9. A light but loud crowd enjoyed it as DeSouza began with a nice set of Marq DeSouza and Shane Love entertained. Photo By Richard Ameryacoustic  music  of more country flavoured, Elliot Brood styled original which included quite a few  numbers from his newly re-released debut solo CD, “Temporary Redemption” including “Don’t Go Shooting Horses.” as well as new tracks like “Bar for the Broken Hearted” and “Solitaire Bound,” from his new CD “... And All His Boyish Charms.” The title is an apt description for the affable performer, who pretty much individually  thanked all of the dozen or so  in the audience for showing up to support him.
 He brought his friend Shane Love on stage to take up bass  for a more country flavoured set, then  drums for a more rock and blues flavoured set, which showed how diverse of a songwriter DeSouza is.
He brought another friend, Jeff Stuckey, on stage  to play a guitar solo for  the blues flavoured “Bulletproof.” Then he got  Love to sing one of the highlights  from the new CD, “Who’s Better Than Us,” not to mention do a freestyle rap on it which was a pretty cool  way to end an all too brief hour long set. But the crowd called him back for an encore, which brought the evening to a pleasant close.
—By Richard Amery L.A. Beat Editor