Incura unplugged— almost


Incura and Jesse and the Dandelions finished three straight days of gigs all over the city, Nov. 7 at the Slice.
 Jesse and the Dandelions have just released their debut EP. While I only caught their last song, an energetic pop rock number, they were called back for an encore of “Blister in the Sun.”.Incura vocalist Kyle Gruninger. Photo By Richard Amery
Incura was the main event of the night  which had an almost full house cheering for an “unplugged” set. They weren’t unplugged, just turned down slightly, but which really worked for the Lethbridge born band who are now  based out of Vancouver.
The piano played a more prevalent part of the band’s dark, almost gothic sound and you could actually hear what  singer Kyle Gruninger was singing. There appeared to be some interesting guitar work  happening but I couldn’t hear a note,  because it was drowned out by powerful bass and drums.
But Gruninger has an impressive melodic tenor voice and stage presence to boot which was apparent in the show.

— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor