Dean Selena excited about new CD

The Richard Doerksen Band unveils their new CD and their new name — Dean Selena— at a  CD release party, Jan. 23.
Dean  Selena ( and  ) is named after the first names of Doerksen’s great grandma and great grandpa, Doerksen decided to change the band  name to something shorter and something that couldn’t be mis-pronounced. The new CD is called ‘ What is Unchanged.’ Dean Selena
“It’s all my music.  They (the band, bassist Daniel Ens and drummer  Daniel Puurveen) just helped me perform it,” Doerksen said adding the music isn’t quite as ambient and laid back as his previous CD.
“There’s definitely more of a rock feel to it, well more Pink Floyd style rock, except less ambient and less weird,” he said  adding he wrote some of the new during  work on the last CD, and have been performing several of the songs live ever since. Already  songs like ‘I’ve Been Accused’ is getting radio play on CKUA and local radio station CKXU has just added it to their playlist. Dean Selena will also be featured on CTV in the coming weeks.
“I like something about all of the tracks,” he said adding they are all different, some having a Neil Young vibe and other with  a Led Zeppelin feel. For example ‘Where’d You Run to Now’ has a more of a blues feel.
“We didn’t layer the sound as much on this CD. We kept it really clean and back to the basics,” he said.
“It’s definitely a fusion of rock and roll and blues. A lot of the songs are about searching for something.”
Dean Selena is planning a video for ‘I’ve Been Accused,’ which he hopes can be filmed at the jail.
 The CD  is available on itunes, HMV, Amazon and will be available at Blueprint in Lethbridge.
Tickets to the Jan. 23 CD release party at the Wooden Kilt are $7  in advance from the Wooden Kilt and Noteable Music and $10 at the door.
— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor
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