CKXU brings back Wet Secrets for Love and Records encore show


 University of Lethbridge based community radio station CKXU had a hot night of toe tapping rock on their hands at the Slice, June 6 for a Love and Records  encore presentation of Good For Grapes and The Wet Secrets.Good For Grapes play eclectic rock for Love and Records encore., June 6. Photo by Richard Amery

 I don’t remember Vancouver‘s  Good For Grapes playing Love and Records, but they should.

They’ve stepped up their game since the last time their were here at least two years ago.

 they were great. They played original folk rock music with a trombone and cello decorated with spine tingling vocal harmonies.

 They were  awesome especially those  gorgeous multi-part vocal harmonies. One of many highlights was an unusual almost orchestral arrangement of the White Stripes’ “ Seven Nation Army.”

 The trombone  played the ear-worm of a main riff which was doubled by guitar and bass with a whole lot of other sounds piled on top of it.

 The trombone player switched to violin for another song.
 Edmonton bass and horns powered rock band the Wet Secrets were the runaway hit of last year’s Love and Records and have taken off since then, winning the latest PEAK Performance competition.

 So it was great to see them rocking the Slice again. They were resplendent in red and white band uniforms as they blew through a long, exciting,sweaty set of original music featuring horns and a the bass right up front. Drummer  Trevor Alexander  held the chaos together with solid rhythm.

Together they  played bass and horn and percussion powered pop music with a plethora of profanity  thrown in.

 They were as hot and sweaty  as the close to sold out  crowd dancing up the dust in front of the stage.
 They are always a whole lot of fun.

So they played a lot of new songs plus highlights from their most recent album “ Free Candy.” One of many highlights was  a three person, drum  and percussion jam on “Nightlife.” Other highlights were a couple of new songs including “Quelle Suprise” about making bad life choices.

 They were planning on taking a break, with “Sunshine” but because the crowd was dancing and cheering, they kept going.
So they carried on though  several older songs including “ Douche” about a guy lead singer Lyle Bell hated when he wrote it.

It featured  the brass section singing douche douche, douche as the background ground melody while lead bassist and vocalist Lyle Bell sang “You've been a Douche Bag lately.”

 Sounded like Five Alarm Funk without guitars and with a little more angst. The Wet Secrets jam on percussion, June 6. Photo by Richard Amery

Bell’s bass held down the main riffs of the songs, but never overpowered the songs themselves as the horn section and other members added their colours and tones to the tunes.

— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor
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