Maurice looks forward to playing the Olympics before coming to Lethbridge

Victoria power pop band Maurice is looking forward to beginning their tour on their major label  debut ‘Young people with Faces,” which began in Vancouver with an Olympic gig opening for Randy Bachman at a bar in Surrey before coming to Henotic, March 4.Maurice plays Henotic March 4.
“Our former booking agent got the job booking entertainment for the Olympics, so we called him. We’re playing right after the gold medal hockey game. The site is set up with big TVs so people will be there just to be there. It could be celebration or anti-climactic, but it has the potential to be really special,” said vocalist/guitarist Jean Paul Maurice adding he went to film camp with Randy Bachman’s daughter and his parents live in Randy Bachman’s neighbourhood on Salt Springs Island.
“Randy is a legend, so it will be great to meet him,” Maurice continued adding he is excited about the March 2 release of the new CD.
“We had some trouble with record companies and management companies,” he continued adding the CD was recorded and mixed back in 2008, though they added two new songs, ‘Kerosene’ and ‘How You Spend Your Time.’
“We’re definitely a pop band, that’s what we were going for,” he said adding the new CD has drawn comparisons to Journey.
 Though Maurice’s voice is reminiscent of April Wine’s  Myles Goodwin, they weren’t an influence, though he agreed he could hear power pop similarities.
Their keyboard heavy sound also bears similarities to Queen and early Peter Gabriel fronted Genesis. Maurice’s vocals are also reminiscent of the Gin Blossoms. The band’s musical roots go further back than that.
“I listened to a lot of old 60s pop like the Beatles and the Everly Brothers brothers and I was born in the 80s so my parents listened to a lot of ’80s pop,” he continued adding Victoria rock radio station the Zone chose Maurice as their band of the month and has been playing the first single “Love is Love”.
“The month is almost over, so hopefully they will continue spinning the disc,” he said.
The band opened for Said the Whale two years ago at the Slice and Individual members have played Lethbridge throughout the past year.
— By Richard Amery L.A. Beat Editor
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