Double Jack has high hopes for latest EP


Local grunge rock band Double Jack released their third EP at a well attended EP Release party, March  5 at the Blarney Stone.Double Jack at the Blarney Stone, March 5. Photo by Richard Amery
Double Jack played to the enthusiastic crowd with their brand of detuned grunge which also added elements of Pantera and Soundgarden. They played a set of originals to begin with, including several tracks from their latest EP. Some crowd highlights were ‘Into the Blood’ and ‘Bullets’ as well as old crowd favourite ‘Dr. Pain’ and a song about  a nightmare.
“I like the sound of this one better. It’s heavier but is also has ballads because we can still write ballads when we have to,” said Double Jack singer/guitarist Marc Belisle adding they should have the complete CD, which hasn’t been titled yet, out within a month. They recorded it with Dave Kahllil at Icepick Studios.
“This one is crisper sounding and tighter.”

 They are going to tour on this four song EP first. It is a teaser of their third full length CD  to be released soon. They have two already, ‘One Chance’ and ‘Deuces Wild,’
“Hopefully we’ll get to do some summer festivals,” he continued adding the band, who is being managed  by the Blarney Stone general manager Meilleur, have had some high profile opening gigs including for Default and State of Shock, as well as more high profile gigs on the way, though Belisle wouldn’t elaborate.
 Belisle  hopes the EP will help the band get an agent to book gigs.
“I just want to sing, write songs and produce,” he said adding the previous two CDs have had airplay on Rock 106, so he is confident this one would be too.

— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor

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