Endangered Ape back with a roar


Endangered Ape blew away eardrums at Henotic. Photo by Richard AmeryThe loudest show of March 6 was the return of Endangered Ape at  Henotic, which had both levels jumping and bouncing off the walls thanks to a massive house music and dance party downstairs and a garage rock/ punk show in the GCBC Lounge. I caught parts of local band Fist City as well as a couple numbers from Bikeland.

Because their crazy live shows are the stuff of Lethbridge legend, I stayed around for Endangered Ape who didn’t  take the stage until after past 1 a.m.. They sounded super tight with loads of energy and waves of ear piercing feedback and crazy keyboards which had the crowd moshing like it was the early ’90s.

The singer waded into the crowd, sang to them individually, rolled all over the floor, and was stripped down to his shorts by the second song, several members of the audience took off their shirts as well. And before I knew it, the ear ringing experience was over.

— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor

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