Couleefest shows off Lethbridge college and local music


Lethbridge College  celebrated 60 years with Couleefest, Saturday, Sept. 23.Lethbridge College’s fashion display for Couleefest. Photo by Richard Amery
 Ryan “Skinny Dyck” playing with Hurtin’ at by Richard AmeryIt was a cool day, but the action on campus was pretty hot.

 I caught parts of sets from local country band Hurtin’ playing a variety of country hits for a good sized crowd wandering through a plethora of displays set up around the stage in  the Lethbridge College courtyard.

There were more displays inside including a fashion display featuring outfits from the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s, right next to a set up of students giving free 10 minute massages.

Across from that was a virtual reality crime scene experience in which you could put on a set of virtual reality goggles and look at the crime scene from all angles, right from the crime itself to seeing the victim taken away in the ambulance and to  the hospital.

The Steve Keenan Band playing Couleefest. Photo by Richard AmeryOutside, the Steve Keenan Band took over the stage to play some hot blues licks for an enthusiastic audience. Hippodrome and Three Finger Shot closed out the day.

— by Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor

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