Lots of talent at South Country Fair Songwriting competition finals


As usual, the Slice was packed for the South Country Fair Songwriting contest finals, Sunday, June 2.Joshua Beebe placed first in this Year]s SOuth Cojntry Fair Songwriting competition. Photo by Richard Amery
 They had a talented slate of nine finalists, though Chis Gheran also made the top 10 finals but wasn’t at the show, so the judges Brenna Lowery, Mike Malloy and  John Wort Hannam had their work cut out for them doing the Devil’s work of trying to choose the winner.

 But they were unanimous in choosing Joshua Beebe’s song “Clayton Stanley,” which he played solo on the ukulele. He had the tough job of starting the competition off.

He won passes to the fair, some cash and the chance to play his song on the South stage wither Friday or Saturday of the fair.Ali Stuart placed second in the South Country Fair songwriting competition. Photo By Richard Amery
 Ali Stuart , who also played in the first set took second place with her powerful song “Like It That Way” about being a woman in today’s world. Tyler Bird added extra lead guitar to her song.

 James Swinney aka Corduroy Brown, finished off the first set and placed third with an heartfelt song “Hummingbird,” featuring some pretty fingerpicking and  some pretty fiddle  played by Megan Brown.

Megan Brown, who finished the second set, got an honourable mention for her song about having a choice of working in forest reclamation or working  for “the most evil corporation in the world,” called “Do I Work For the Devil or Live in Hell.” George Fowler added pretty leads on acoustic guitar while Steve Martin held down the bottom end on upright bass.James Phinney placed third in the South Country Fair songwriting competition. Photo By Richard Amery
Jon Martin added three backup singers and bassist Paul Holden for his third place winning song “ When Colours Fade,” which he noted he wrote during the last election.

 Chris Drew played a more rock and roll number “Only Human.”’ And George Arsene opened  the second set with a heartfelt country folk number “She Sings To Her Horses.”
 Tyson Ray Borsboom played another more countryish number “Tell Me” in the first set. And Taylor Lang sang the heartfelt indie pop “Over Many Horizons,” which he noted was inspired by Dan Mangan.

— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor
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