The Wild! ready to rock back where they started


Kelowna rockers The Wild! are going back to their roots— small clubs. They haven’t played Lethbridge since 2016 and since then they have   toured the world with  their mentors Airborne and even Motorhead’s Phil Campbell.

The Wild! return to Lethbridge for Halloween. Photo by Brandon Hart
“We haven’t really played a Canada  a lot in the past two years because we’ve been concentrating on the European market. We’ve toured there three or four times” said frontman Dylan Villain, taking a breather in between tours, sounding more like a businessman than a beer swilling, party hearty, guitar wielding rebel spreading their balls to the wall, straight ahead rock and roll across the world like the bastard children of ZZ Top and AC DC.
They play a close to sold out Halloween show at the Slice with local band 21st Avenue.

 They’ve played Lethbridge with heavy hitters like One Bad Son and Buck Cherry and were supposed to play the Enmax with Breaking Benjamin, but Breaking Benjamin cancelled that tour.

“We‘re not the type of band to dress up for Halloween like some bands do. Our show speaks for itself. And we want to play a very solid 90 minute set this time,” he said, adding they will be playing music from their previous two recordings and the new singles “Playing with Fire” and “Helluva Ride.”
“And we’ll be playing new songs  you haven’t heard before,” he continued.

“We’ve worked really hard. We’ve seen such early success,” he said.

 He enjoyed touring with Phil Campbell, who they got to open with through Airborne, who was opening for him.

“We’ve become good friends, he likes to talk about cars and guitars and so do I. So I can can call him up in Wales, where he lives,” he said.
The Wild! have brought on local acts to open for them on this tour.
“A few bands took us under their wings when we toured with them, so we want to do the same for them. Meet them and give them some advice,” he said, crediting Airborne, Steel Panther and Rose Tattoo for taking them under their wings.

“They’re the best,” he said.
They have released two new videos.

“ ‘Playing With Fire‘ has a lot of things going on and moving around. Our videos are always over the top,” he said.

He is excited about the tour of small clubs in Canada.
“We started out playing in small clubs. Last year, I was on a stage in Germany playing for 17,000 people and was thinking of all those small clubs we played to get to where we are,” he said, noting several of the shows are already sold out or close to sold out.

“We haven’t played Canada or clubs for a while, so it is what we expected,” he said.
“But get your tickets early because it is going to sell out,” he advised.
Tickets are $10.

 — by Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor
Last Updated ( Tuesday, 22 October 2019 01:10 )