Tyson Ray Borsboom excited to release new CD with band


Lethbridge based singer songwriter Tyson Ray Borsboom was excited to release his first full length  CD “Will” and is looking forward to a tour once the Covid 19 panic blows over.Tyson Ray Borsboom playing his CD release party at teh Owl Acoustic lounge, Feb. 22. photo by Richard Amery

“It’s my first full length CD,” said Borsboom, who officially released “Will” at the Owl Acoustic Lounge, Feb. 22.
 He recorded the 10 track CD last  July with Matthew Rederburg at the Farm outside of Lethbridge with band mates Kevin Giron, Eric West and Brock Boot.
“I’m just super excited to release this CD. It’s my first full length band CD. The other was more of a singer songwriter CD (Sinner in 2018)and I also  released a CD of covers,” he observed, adding he took a few  guitar lessons as a teen, then gave up the guitar for a while before picking it up again and starting to write songs.

“This CD is about self help and about some of the things I’ve experienced over the past two years,” he said, adding he had been playing most of the songs live before recording them. He has been a prominent face at local venues like Owl Acoustic Lounge and The Slice.

“Steve at the Owl and Derek at the Slice have been really kind to me. I’ve played a lot of open mics. I called them a lot, more than most bands. They’ve let me open for a lot of acts and have given me a couple headlining shows,” he said, adding it is important to maintain positive relationships with fans, club owners and everybody else.

“It’s important to be nice to everyone. Because it is all about relationships and making contact. It’s been nice to have been given all of these opportunities,” he continued.

“Opening for Mike Edel at the Slice was major. And opening for Craig Cardiff at the university for a singer songwriter thing was great. And i loved being able to open for the Royal Foundry,” he continued.

He plans on touring once the panic is over.
“ I might just go out for eight or nine days at a time instead of 21 or 22. I’d like to go out to Vancouver and Vancouver Island,” he said, adding he is hoping to play at least Kelowna and Vancouver in July.
He expects most of his band on the CD will be available to tour then.
“Matthew can also fill in,” he said.
“I’d started booking the tour before all this nonsense started happening, he said.

 In the meantime, he has been busy keeping active by boxing, exercising and trying not to watch too much television.

  “Will” is available on numerous platforms including Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, google and through  his website www.tysonrayborsboom.com.

— BY Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor
Last Updated ( Thursday, 26 March 2020 16:55 )