Owl Acoustic Lounge featuring live show broadcasts


 Owl Acoustic Lounge Steve Foord has been learning new technology while the popular live music  venue is closed due to Covid 19.
 He featured a live broadcast of Shaela Miller and Skinny Dyck last week, April 4.Shaela Miller played the Steve Foord’s first live broadcast. Photo by Richard Amery

 “I recorded it at my  house. It’s set up with different rooms so we can still social distance. I just tried it on a trial basis,” he said, adding the concert is available on the Owl Acoustic Lounge’s Facebook pages and has drawn close to 4,500 viewers since.

“ It took some time to teach myself the technology. I wanted to ensure we have the best sound quality as possible,” he said.
“It turned out great,” he said.

“We had 150 tuned in for the live broadcast,” he said adding he’d like to do live broadcasts every 14 days, though that depends on circumstances.
“Things change so fast. It depends on who is available to play,” he said.

 In addition to the live broadcasts, Foord has started hosting  virtual open mics through the Zoom app every Monday at 9 p.m.

 “It’s a little bit different. Everybody signs up on Zoom,  I post the link on the page so people can call in. And we each take turns playing one song each,” he said, adding the first one featured 30 performers, while last Monday featured 15 performers. You can’t listen unless you are part of it.

 “ It’s a chance for a group of us to get together and play songs for each other,” he said, adding the sound quality isn’t as good as  the live concerts as it depends on each individual’s computer.

 The open mics aren’t available to hear after the fact.
Foord posts the links on the Owl Acoustic Lounge  Facebook group and Page every Monday just before they start.

 — by Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor
Last Updated ( Thursday, 09 April 2020 09:13 )