Musicians spread message of hope and unity with fundraising song Together We’re Strong


When the world’s in such a bad condition, music brings people together.Dustin Bird is excited about Together We’re Strong. Photo by Curtis Bird
 So Stirling, Ontario based rising country star Dustin Bird got together with Brian John Harwood of up and coming country band Kansas Stone write the uplifting song “Together We’re Strong.

 They got over a dozen of their picking and singing friends to participate in the recording. They include Kansas Stone (Barrie, ON); Alee (Edmonton, AB); The Road Hammers’  Jason McCoy & Clayton Bellamy (Barrie, ON) ; Cory Marks (North Bay, ON); Alli Walker (PEI); Ches Anthony (Saskatchewan); Danielle Bourjeaurd (ON); Dani Strong (ON); Chris Buck (BC); The Heels (BC);Jason Blaine (Pembroke, ON); Dustin Bird (Stirling, ON); Aaron Allen (London, ON); Aaron Pritchett (BC) and Chrystal Leigh (of Sons of Daughters) (BC).

The video features The Washboard Union, Gord Bamford, Beverly Mahood, Jason Benoit, Chris Labelle, Peter Walker (KX96), The Good Brothers, Tom Cochrane, Kelly Prescott, Russell Decarle (Prairie Oyster), Paul Ferguson (Cool100), Tracy Martin (CCMA), Nice Horse, Royale Lynn, Kendra Kay, Sacha, Cory Kelly (Tour Bus Ent./Complete Country), Chris Bray, Rich Cloke, Jamie Warren, Verle Mobbs (CMAOntario), Vanessa Marie, Carter Dani Doucette, Kelsi Mayne, River Town Saints, Dan Sadowski, Stephano Barberis, Missy Knott, Genevieve Fisher and the Snowbirds, who appear at the end including Jennifer Casey.

The song and video was released in honour of the Snowbirds’ Captain Jennifer Casey, who died in a tragic accident, May 17 in Kamloops. Proceeds from the single  will go towards Unison Benevolent Fund, a Canadian music industry charity whose mission is to help professional music-makers in times of hardship, illness or economic difficulties.

“Jennifer was a big supporter of the Unison Benevolent Fund,“ Bird observed.

“This song and the Snowbirds are about continuing to spread hope,” Bird continued, noting he started writing the song with Harwood at the end of March when Covid quarantine started to take hold.

“One of the artists, Cory Marks, is really good friends with the Snowbirds,” said Bird, who never met Casey.
 “But she was always supportive of this project,” he continued, noting they already had the footage of all the musicians and the Snowbirds including Jennifer Casey, who appears at the end.

“The accident happened after that,” he said, noting the video is a tribute to her.
 Coordinating the performers and even the songwriting process with  Harwood was challenging in the middle of a pandemic. They wrote the song together online and got everyone the film their parts for the video similarly.
“We were able to Skype more for that.”

Bird said people have responded to the song and the  video.
“It has been fantastic,” he said adding a lot of people have watched the video on Youtube and through streaming services like Spotify.
“It’s a feel good song,”  Bird said, adding the primary goal is to spread awareness and hope through music.

He noted the participants are likely to add the song to their live sets once they are able to perform live again.

“ Kansas Stone probably will and I’ll probably add it to my set,” he said.
“ I’m excited to see what will happen,” he continued.
“ I just want people to feel a part of the community and continue to spread hope,” he said.
‘Together We’re Strong” will allow us to provide direct relief for music-makers and music professionals during this difficult time,” says Unison's Executive Director, Amanda Power in a press release.
“To donate, please text UNISON to  45678 or visit, and have your gift matched by Spotify.”

— by Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor
Last Updated ( Sunday, 07 June 2020 20:56 )