Dilemma film premiere features Dean Selena


Dean Selena had an excellent set  of music to open up the premiere of local writer/ director Gianna Isabella’s new film “Dilemma,” Nov. 5 at Average Joe’s.

They played a tight set of Radiohead tinged ambient rock originals with plenty of  energizing drumming and groovy bass.Dean Selena playing  the Dilemma film premiere, Nov. 5 at Average Joes. Photo by Richard Amery

 The film itself, which was partially filmed at Average Joes, is a gripping 15 minute short about a British girl  “Abby” who feels a little lost in her life and visits her cousin in Lethbridge,  where she ends up getting into a fatal altercation at a local bar where she ends up accidentally killing a man.

There isn’t a lot of dialogue in the film as Isabella prefers to let the filmography  and the acGianna Isabella and some of her crew address the crowd at the premiere of Dilemma. Photo by Richard Amerytors’ facial expressions, especially Camille Pavlenko, who plays Abby,  tell the story, along with  Abby’s thoughts and observations of life inside her head.

The crowded, sweaty club scene sets the mood and the tone for the drama to unfold outside.

I don’t know what to make of the murder scene, there is a punch and the victim looks surprisingly peaceful as he hits the ground. 

 She has to decide to stay or go and decides to go, ending with the line — “My mother always told me to tell the truth — but what would you do?” It is a pretty scary and moving“dilemma.”

— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor
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