ArtStage 2 brings a variety of acts together

Musical director David Mikuliak is looking forward to ArtStage 2 at the Yates Theatre, Jan. 16.
“It’s coming together really well. There‘s such a  varied and eclectic  group of performers, so that was the biggest chaJeff Carlsonllenge finding a logical way to bring together flamenco dancing, modern Aboriginal  dancing, improv theatre and opera all on the same stage,” Mikuliak enthused, adding having Jeff Carlson on board as master of ceremonies  for the program helped bring everything together. The show takes the format of a Ed Sullivan style TV variety show.
“Jeff Carlson sees it  as a mix of Johnny Carson meets David Letterman. So he’ll be introducing the acts and leading a question and answer period with them after they’ve performed,” he said.
  The eclectic performers include jazz backed poetry with the Barracuda Orchestra, improv from the Drama Nutz, flamenco guitar/dancing and song with Ali Golbabai, modern aboriginal dance with Troy Emery Twigg and the University of Lethbridge Opera Workshop. And Mikuliak’s own band, Sludge.
“Sludge is going to be like Paul Shaeffer’s band. So we’ll play them off the stage,” he said.
“We encourage everybody to  come it’s a chance to see a lot of different acts who don’t usually play together. I’m pretty excited about it,” he said.
“It will be an enjoyable time watching acts you might not have a thorough understanding of,” he said.
The show begins at 8 p.m.. Tickets are $35 for adults, $25  for students and seniors.
— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor