Local bands and art to help raise money for Roger’s Pass movie this weekend


Friends and family look out for each other. So local musician Evan Van Reekum is organizing a special fundraiser at Henotic to help his friend, writer/ director and artist Colin Asker complete post-production on his film ‘Roger’s Pass,’ April 24.
Evan Van Reekum prepares for the April 24 fundraiser  by hanging Roger’s Pass artwork on the walls. Photo by Richard Amery“Colin is one of my best friends and I know his family quite well. His dad passed away and the movie is based on that, so I’m the Lethbridge connection for the fundraiser in Lethbridge,” Van Reekum said adding some of his own music may also be featured in the film.

Roger’s Pass is an independent movie  based on the story of Colin Askey’s dad who passed away  from cancer.

The youngest son, ‘Dennis’ is a  free spirited artist with a  ninja fascination who must step up and take care of his dad while his successful older brother, who he has always been overshadowed by is away in Guatemala and expecting a child with his beautiful Guatemalan wife.

“We want to make some money for the post-production. I’ve seen the move completed so far, but much needs to be done,” he continued adding the money will go towards  touch ups like colour correction which can cost up to $9,000 as well as the costs of  festival distribution.

The fundraiser on Saturday will include viewing of parts of the movie including  an extended version of the trailer, which can be seen at www.rogerspassmovie.com, the director himself who will be on hand to visit and answer questions and music from local bands Fist City, Amelia Earhart and a solo performance by Sea of Is.
 In addition there will be a silent auction of some of the art inspired by the movie as well as some of the art in the movie itself, which is on display at Henotic,  under the title “Dustin’s Sketch Book” will be for sale.
While Asker is from Calgary originally, he has since moved to Toronto.
“Hopefully the movie will be picked up by  festivals,” Van Reekum  said.
 Doors open at 8 p.m.


— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor
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