Auditions this week for Playgoers of Lethbridge’s British farce “One for The Pot”


Playgoers of Lethbridge is looking for a few good men and women for their next British farce to Elaine Jagielski directs “One For The Pot,” which runs in October. Photo by Richard Ameryrun in October.

The longstanding local theatre group is holding auditions this week for their October production of  Ray Cooney and Tony Hilton’s “One for The Pot,” which is scheduled to run at the Sandman Inn, Oct. 19-22.

 Auditions are Sept. 7-8 at the Bowman Arts Centre from 7-9 p.m.
 A cast of six men and three women are needed.
“It ( One for The  Pot) ran for 1,200 performances at the White Hall Theatre from 1961-64,” observed Playgoers  of Lethbridge president Ed Bayly.

“One For the Pot,” originally performed in 1959, is a farce set in the 1920’s  about a gormless Yorkshireman, Billy Hickory Wood, a wealthy northern mill owner who is looking for a beneficiary of a 10,000 pound inheritance. The only caveat is  they must be the only living relative. After Hickory Wood puts an ad in the newspaper, Billy Hickory Wood  is the first to arrive, followed by numerous others.

“Before long a procession of Hickory Woods arrive. And all of them claim to be the rightful beneficiary,” Bayly continued adding Elaine Jagielski, who was the star of  Playgoers of Lethbridge’s “Key For Two,” last October will be directing this production.
“I haven’t seen this one before, but we have done several Ray Cooney farces including  “It Runs In The Family,” he continued.

“It’s a British farce, so there are lots of mistaken identities and people appearing out of nowhere,” he said.
 The dinner theatre will run at the Sandman Inn, Oct. 19-22 with cocktails at 6:30 and dinner catered by the Country Kitchen to follow at 7 p.m.

 — by Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor
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