Pinhole eye’s view into new exhibits


The Bowman Arts Centre is opening two new exhibitions this weekend with a Saturday night reception.Darcy Logan holds a picture of a garbage can pinhole camera taken with another pinhole camera. Photo By Richard Amery
The first exhibit, Gallimaufry, features several pieces created out of found objects by Lethbridge artist  Marie Imrie de Gomez.
“It’s a whimsical celebration of objects. Some of it is autobiographical of places she’s seen and places she’s been,” explained curator Darcy Logan.
“The whole thing is done with recycled objects she’s found in alleys and junkyards. It’s not political but there is a message hidden in it,” he continued.
“She’s taking a look at things we throw away. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.”
The display is located in the music room gallery.

The other exhibit is a collection of photographs taken through a pinhole camera made out of a garbage can by Lethbridge born photographer Andrew Lint.
 The black and white photos are of various scenes in and around the coast near Victoria, B.C.
“He has roots in Lethbridge, but he went out to Victoria to go to photography school,” Logan said
“You can make a pinhole camera out of anything. He even made a smaller pinhole camera out of a coffee can to take a picture of the larger garbage can camera which he invented. You can make a pinhole camera out of anything.”
There are 16 of the smaller images and about a dozen larger images. That exhibit, “Confessions  of a Pinhole Obsession” is in the  Wyngaard Gallery. Both of them open Sept. 26 and run until Oct. 31.
 The reception for both shows is 7-9 p.m. Sept 26 at the Bowman Arts Centre.


— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor