U of L students reflect on body and space in new exhibit


The University of Lethbridge is pleased to present  a new exhibit of U of L students artworkChloe Gut and Soloman Ip ccurated the latest U of l student art exhibit at the Penny. Photo by  Richard Amery, in the new curated exhibit From Where I Stand: Annual University of Lethbridge Student Art Exhibition , which opens with a reception, March 8 at the Dr. Foster Penny building (324-5th Street South) .

“It’s part of our museum studies program,”said professor Devon Smither.

“The students learn how to curate and organize and exhibition and how to do an installation as part of their course credit,” Smither said.

  Curator and student Chloe Gust is excited to present a variety of works from 28 different artists reflecting on the theme of the body, subjectivity and identity relating to the surrounding world.
“I’m impressed with the breadth of the submissions. There’s ceramics, oil paintings, photographs and sculpture,” Smither said.

“We received almost 50 submissions. Lots of people  submitted more than one pieces,” Gust said, adding it was a tough job to trim down the works for the exhibition.

“These works are so progressive, so it’s exciting to see,” Smither said.
“There is a lot about location and expanse based,” said co-curator Soloman Ip.


 There are a variety of  different mediums explored.
“ There is a pottery exhibit which explores the shapes of bowls and plates,” Gust observed.

 Another artist created an abstract work based on the farm she grew up on, carved out of sheet insulation.
Another artist played with the idea of space, painting  her work  the same colour as the wall it is installed on.
Another more disturbing painting is based on a photograph from Afghanistan of a girl holding a handful of severed hands.

“It was inspired by a photograph from Afghanistan based on the brutality of the Taliban,” Gust said, observing one of several politically inspired works.

 A larger installation features a series of photographs to be hung from the ceiling.
The show will run from March 8-15 and regular gallery hours are 8:30 a.m.  to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor