Local author spreads the word of kindness in new children’s book “ The Doodle Trap”


In a world where  the “kruddy’s” seem to be taking over, Lethbridge  author and illustrator  C.M Douglas  reminds us of the importance of embracing  love, care, peace and positivity in her new children’s book “Angie Quinn’s  Amazing Adventures with Shnoogy and Kruddy.”

 Her colourful cast of characters including heroine and storyteller Angie Quinn and Rita Rabbit avoid the pitfalls of “Kruddy’s” negativity, worry, sadness and selfishness as they try to find her son Sunny Bunny who has vanished in pursuit of his beloved doodle cookies.

The protagonist, Angie, is an imaginative young girl with a leg brace, though that doesn’t come in to play at all  in the story.

But her imagination is an essential part of the story as she entertains her mom by relating  the adventures of her friends “Pandi,” Rita Rabbit and Sunny Bunny, Timmy Tortoise and Scout Chippy the chipmunk.

They all work together to find Sunny Bunny, who has wandered into Chippy’s home and gorged himself on doodle cookies. There are consequences to his greed, of course, but everybody works together to save him from himself and Kruddy’s bad attitudes and negative feelings.

 Along they way they discover the joys of sharing, compassion and helping people in an uplifting and colourfully illustrated tale.

 There is also a summary of  the qualities of Shnoogy as well as Kruddy qualities. Along the way they learn about the benefits of positivity, forgiveness and kindness. There is even a recipe for doodle cookies at the end of the book so everybody can bake and share them.

 Douglas, who spent most of her adult life as a muralist, is in the midst of self producing a second run of the book.

 More information  is available at https://www.kindiscoolkids.com/?fbclid=IwAR2LpLDg0JaXKaXOLIcO9a6crg_X6iooXaWbLDsa4cSTYc_Q5u0iRoy8bws

— by Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor