New Dave McCann CD on fire

Dave McCann and the Firehearts went down to east Nashville to record their new CD “Dixiebluebird,” with Will Kimbrough, who has worked with Todd Snider.alt
Singer McCann, backed by a top notch band including electric guitarist Dave Bauer, bassist Pete Loughlin, pedal steel player Charlie Hase and drummer Tim Williams, sounds a little like Todd Snider mixed with Jay Faraar and Wilco.
 The new music has a lot of country tinged tracks sure to be future fan favourites including “Fireheart,” Darkest For the Dawn” and “Broken Bugs” as well as some  that are already stalwart standbyes in his set including “Bloodpines” and ”Road to Cain.”
In fact, if there was any justice in the music industry,  “Fireheart” should be a hit single screaming up the country  charts, thanks to three beautiful chords and a  pretty sweet 12-string guitar riff and solo which powers the melody along with  some tasteful lead guitar throughout.
I like the tremolo tinged “Standing in the River” and the mandolin tinged “Inferno ” also had a really neat Hawaiian feel thanks to some creatively used pedal steel guitar.
 The CD starts slowly with  “Unfamiliar,” but picks up the pace with “ A Road To Cain,” of which McCann already recorded a live version on his last CD, “Shoot the Horse,” which also has  a version of “Blood Pines.”
Dave McCann takes country back to its roots while adding a little bit of rock edge.
— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor
CD: Dixiebluebird
Artist: Dave McCann and the Firehearts
Genre: country rock