Rich Hope whips it on ya



Artist: Rich Hope

CD: Whip It On Ya

Genre: blues/blues rock

 Vancouver based  mutant bluesman Rich Hope is back with his third CD, “Whip It On Ya.” And in 36 some minutes, shows a pretty wide range of vocals, slide guitar and harp playing.
This time he has trimmed down  to a duo, Hope plays all kinds of sick slide guitar riffs, sings throat shredding vocals and plays a a little bit of deadly harmonica, while Adrian Mack hammers the kit behind him.
The CDd begins with a hyperactive version of Don Gardner’s obscure soul classic, “My Baby Likes To Boogaloo.”  The hyperactivity continues on the title track, “Whip It On Ya” which is where we hear  some harp as well. He slows down slightly on Mananimous which has some  melodic singing and picks up the tempo as expected on a   song called “Let’s Jump Aorund Some.”
He slows it right down on a surprisingly long track  (5 minutes plus which is long on a CD which averages 2-3 minute songs) “Death Bed Blues,” which really shows of his vocals and some sick slower riffs.
“When My Light Comes Shining,” is a quasi-religious  acoustic blues number which is still pretty intense. My favourite track is “You’re and Ice Queen Baby,” which is a four to the floor rocker with a steady beat.
 “Rollin’ On” clocks in at over seven minutes with a slow beat and impassioned vocals.
“Blackbird Bakery Pie Blues” is an uptempo rocker which  shows off  Hope’s slide prowess and harp playing.

— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor