Samantha Martin explores gospel with sweet delta sugar


Toronto  based songwriter Samantha Martin has really found her voice on her gospel inspired new CD  “Send the Nightingale.” While she is usually known as an alt country and blues singer, this sparsely recorded Cd showcases her big , beautiful, bluesy voice but also shows a pretty heavy gospel side throughout.Click Here to Hear Samantha Martin and Delta Sugar

She’ll make the seediest sinner “ See The Light” right from the first track of the CD which draws you in.
 The two woman choir of Sherie Marshall and Stacie Tabb behind her add choral and southern style background gospel styled vocal harmonies and lots of oohs and ahhs which put you in the middle and the mindset of a hot, sweaty, Southern  Baptist church deep in the heart of Mississippi.

 But first and foremost is Martin’s big, bluesey, whiskey soaked and cigarette stained voice reminiscent of Janis Joplin and Serena Ryder not to mention an amalgamation of female blues singers from the early days.

All of the songs showcase her raw power and emotion particularly on tracks like “Addicted.”

 While Martin holds down the rhythm on resonator and acoustic guitar, lead guitarist Mikey McCallum adds plenty of swampy blues guitar straight out Louisiana for most of the CD.
“ Don’t Shoot the Messenger” is a highlight as is the gospel rave up “One More Day.”

Martin has a few tender ballads like “ Mississippi Sun” and  “My Crown”  and the beautiful ’60s style “When you Walk Away” which drip with heartfelt soul.
Martin ends the CD with her backup singers on the gorgeous acappella song “Tell The Heavens.” The CD is raw and beautifully done. Martin’s voice is unforgettable.

— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor
CD: Send The Nightingale
Artist: Samantha Martin & Delta Sugar
Genre: blues/ gospel / country