No doubt, Audio Fiction could be huge


Power pop band Audio Fiction  is starting to make a name for themselves in their  home town of New York City.
 Their new self-titled CD combines the punk and new wave sensibilities of  Blondie, with a bit of Pretenders’ punk edged  snarl with a bit of Gwen Stefani style power pop.

There are lots of retro 80s guitar riffs and some screeching solos, especially on the second track Kite High, a highlight on which an F bomb has never been sung so pretty. The dark riff which powers it and the solo sounds like a New York version of a Raveonettes song.

“Race the HourClick here to hear Audio Fictionglass” was on their debut EP ‘ Songs in the Key of Orange Alert” and should be a hit radio single. It’s comparable to any female powered pop music on the radio today.

The No Doubt influence come to the fore on “I’m Alive,” which also has a tasteful guitar solo breaking up the balladry.

I absolutely love lead singer Kristin’s voice, especially on ‘Days Like These.’ It is immediately powerful and appealing.

‘Ever Wonder’ is slower and a little more psychedelic like Pink Floyd fronted by a pretty blond girl.

And ‘Way Out’ is justifiably the lead radio single as it is a catchy piece of pop rock with some cool harmonies and a catchy riff, which is reminiscent of the band Garbage.

But ‘Johnny Go’ is my favourite with a driving ’70s punk riff which powers this No Doubt style up tempo rocker. It ends with another No Doubt rocker ‘Suffocate,’ another upbeat punk tinged rocker and a wah wah drenched guitar solo.
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— by Richard Amery, L.A. Beat editor
CD: Audio Function
Band: Audio Fiction
genre; pop/ rock
Record label: indie