Maurice brings back ’80s melodies

Victoria power pop band Maurice have finally released their long awaited debut CD ‘Young People with Faces.’Listen to Maurice by clicking here
It features a lot of piano  based upbeat pop music and vocals which are reminiscent of 70’s and ’80s superstars Queen and April Wine along with touches of early Peter Gabriel fronted Genesis.
‘Love is Love’ is an immediate  catchy highlight as is ‘Midnight Kiss’ which has an 80s pop feel.
“Nothing Ever Happen,” sounds like it came right out of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody,” and one of two new songs they added to the CD, ‘Kerosene,’ has a catchy upbeat ’80s style synth riff.
‘Rock Star’ is a pretty cool ambient, piano powered number, while ‘How You Spend Your Time’ has more of a U2 delay-heavy ambient feel.
— By Richard Amery, L.A  Beat Editor

CD: Young People With Faces
Band: Maurice
Genre: pop
Record label: Warner Music

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