Little to be cynical about Armchair Cynics


There is very little to be cynical about Victoria based pop band Armchair Cynics’ new CD ‘Starting Today.’ It is obvious they have been listening to the Cure and grapes of Wrath plus lots of 80s pop of that ilk. The Cd is chock full of upbeat vocal melodies plus catchy guitar and synth riffs. And at  just over 35 minutes long is easily digestible on a warm summer or spring afternoon.  If  you really listen to the lyrics , there are beautifully conveyed stories of the lovelorn and lost  and even an office murderer, while  somehow maintaining a positive, uplifting life-affirming vibe throughout, thanks to lines like ‘Never let the bastards drag you down,’ on  ‘The World is Mine,’ and ‘Today could change everything,’ on ‘Starting Today.’
‘Never Gave it a Chance’ is a deceptively upbeat ska tinged ode to a misfit who shoots up his workplace before being cut down by police.
‘Kelly,’ is a terrifically pop fueled catchy  and whimsical look at a drunken night out  which should be a massive radio hit. ‘All the Way to You,’ another ode to being drunk and in love.
‘Believe’ is another upbeat number with a  strong Cure influence about growing older and remembering the love of the past.
The Armchair Cynics are a lot of fun thanks to catchy melodies, a smattering of ska and pop fueled hooks.

They play Henotic with Maurice, March 4, 2010.

— by Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor

CD: Starting Today
band: Armchair  Cynics
Genre: pop
Record label: 604 Records

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