Musical talent runs in Osborne family with the Blue Violets

Blue Violets sounds like some sort of fancy drink you’d find in an upscale bar, however the musical version is  something a lot darker.
If you took elements of  the Cranberries, Concrete Blonde, add a touch of Hole and a smattering of the Pack AD and add 54-40 frontman Neil Osborne’s daughters Kandle and Coral and their friend Louise Burns and threw them into a blender  with Neil Osborne pushing the start button after adding elements of early 54-40, you’d get The Blue Violets, the group.
 The Vancouver Island trio have just released their debut  self titled CD and it is excellent.
 It’s pretty laid back but gradually picks up the tempo, beginning with the haunting arpeggiated guitar riff of ‘You Said.’
 Albino is the first  mid tempo one  but ‘Anorexic ’ is the first one to really grab my attention lyrically, rhyming anorexic and ambidextrous. The Cd builds up the emotion and draws the listener in with  some very cool musical textures and layers plus  pretty harmonies.
‘Busker,’ is another more emo flavoured track telling the story of  going out with a homeless musician.
 ‘Fire’ has a  Veruca Salt feel with some more cool harmonies , while ’Gonna Getcha’ has a  touch of Hole, except  a lot more restrained. They know how to grab the listener’s attention and while you expect them to break out screaming in places, they hold it together.
  Father Osborne  adds a lot of reverb to the girls’ vocals which  adds to an ethereal feel to the music throughout and gives them a  more laid back Raveonettes sound. It’s an excellent first effort, which builds up the suspense and the energy not to mention anticipation for the future.
— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor
CD: The Blue Violets
Band: The Blue Violets
Genre: pop
Record label: 604 Records