Roger Marin has a knack for a country hook and a catchy song


Roger Marin Jr has come into his own as a really talented and appealing singer-songwriter.
 Marin, who toured with Fred Eaglesmith for many years, has released his latest fantastic, almost more mainstream CD, ‘Silvertown.’
Rather it would be mainstream in country radio played authentic country rock music rather than pop music with steel guitars.

 For that matter Silvertown would be  at home on classic rock radio too as  Marin  has an underlying Tom Petty feel to his music, especially his vocals, if it were mixed with a touch of Hank Williams.
 It starts with a rockabilly flavoured songs, ’You Hate Yourself,’ and takes off from there.

One of the many highlights is ‘Whiskey Take Me Off The Shelf,’ the title track ‘Silvertown,’ which deserves radio airplay somewhere, ‘Long Way Down, and especially the upbeat, positive and catchy ‘Hold Your Head Up.’

‘It Will Be All Right’ sounds similar to  ’90s one hit wonders the Refreshments’ hit  ‘Banditos’
I like the whole CD, which is why I’ve been playing it non stop since I got it. Marin’s voice is real, earnest, and  he has a crack band behind them who know their way around a catchy, countrified guitar riff. Bassist Phil Bosley sings  another highlight ‘Bring it Home.’

For something unusual, ends ‘Silvertown’ with a spooky little rap song featuring James Standish called “How Ya Doing Tonight” which features a chorus of children singing along a la “Another Brick In the Wall Part 2”.


— by Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor
CD: Silvertown
Band: Roger Marin Band
Genre: country/folk/rock
Record Label: none


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