Galt Museum explores refugees in new traveling exhibit


The Galt Museum explores the plight of refugees in Canada in their new travelling exhibit “Refuge Canada,” which runs until Jan 10.

The exhibit was created by  the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21.Aimee Benoit introducing  the new exhibits at the Galt Museum. Photo by Richard Amery

“These first person accounts really call into the question of Canada’s attitudes towards refugees,” said curator Aimee Benoit,” noting the exhibit focuses on first person accounts of refugees moving to Canada through panels, artifacts and video testimonials.
“The goal is to start a discussion about refugees,” she said.

The oldest item is a star of David, which belonged to a Jewish refugee who was in a POW camp in Germany during the Second World War.

“It goes from then to the Syrian refugee crisis today,” she summarized.

“These stories are all really different,” she said.

“A lot of families  went through a lot to become refugees. They didn’t have a lot of recourse, so I hope people will ask them selves if they could be a refugee,” Benoit said.
Refuge Canada runs at the Galt museum until Jan. 10.

 — Photo by Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor