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Septembryo with Stars From Streetlights
Sat, May 25


Time:9 p.m.

Cover: by Donation


Rock like Muse, dance like Daft Punk. Calgary's best kept secret is set to unearth their full length debut this summer. For music lovers who crave hard hitting rock and yet cant resist a catchy hook. Septembryo is the guilty pleasure you don't have to feel guilty about.

It can be difficult to imagine achieving the kind of success that so many dream of. For Michael 8 of Septembryo, sharing his music with the world is more than just a dream; he believes it is his destiny. Since arriving on the scene with the debut release "The Dreambuilder EP" in August 2011, Septembryo has already achieved major radio play, headlined outdoor festivals, sold out high capacity venues and was invited to perform, exhibition and lead a panel discussion at the 2012 Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo.

"We had our eyes on this gig before we even knew it was possible." says Michael 8

It's this type of determined optimism that can be heard throughout Septembryo's music. Often calling on the listener to believe in surreal possibilities, Septembryo combines these themes with high-energy alternative rock and dreamy electro-pop to encourage their fans to believe anything is possible.

"Catchy, mood elevating and almost trance like…"

While The Dreambuilder EP (as its name suggests) is helping Michael to build his own dreams, Septembryo’s latest project will aim far beyond it's own success and achievements. Septembryo will soon begin releasing an ongoing stream of new music as part of a new movement called "iBelieve" and will also be showcasing at the 2013 Canadian Music Festival in Toronto. Michael 8 believes that the Calgary music scene is evolving and preparing for a dynamic shift.

"Calgary has a long history of exceptional artists leaving their hometown to further pursue their dreams" says Michael. "My mission is to make everyone in our city finally believe that Calgary's time has come. There is so much undiscovered talent and untapped potential in this city. If we all just believe, I know we can make it. We can make it together" 

Stars From Streetlights

Austrian Graf - Vocals, Rhodes, Piano

Steve Birss - Rhodes, Piano, Loops, Synth, Bass, Guitar, BGV, Various noises

Ray Banman - Bass, Piano

Jared Braun - Piano

Stars From Streetlights is an indie electro-pop band, based in Lethbridge, Alberta. They have been writing music together for close to 10 years. They have one full length album and are currently releasing one song a month for 16 months.

Stars From Streetlights is fronted by the stunning vocal talents of Austrian Graf, complimented by ACMA nominated bass player, Ray Banman. And Steve.


Owl Acoustic Lounge
411 3rd Ave South
T1J 0H2
Country: ca


Lethbridge, AB

Owl is Lethbridge’s newest Lounge in the same building which had Mood, Squeaky’s Pub before and O Riley’s before that. They feature live acoustic music and excellent food.