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Shaela Miller with Ryan Langelois
Fri, Jun 14
The Slice - Lethbridge


Time: 9 p.m.

Honky Tonk and Rock N Roll live at The Slice in Lethbridge, AB.

Ryan Langlois
Ryan Langlois loves pouring his heart out.

When he performs, you can see the joy and energy crackle through his veins like electricity.

His country/roots/rock EP, Light > Dark, also captures this exhilaration. With achingly honest lyrics, rich melodies, and a ruggedly soulful voice that may be “a little out of tune,” as he admits on a track called “Perfectly Imperfect.”(a subtle yet snappy song - about trying to come to terms with being imperfect.)

Light > Dark isn’t his first album, but it’s his first as himself. As a 38-year-old husband and father who eats peanut butter with a spoon. As a diehard fan of Springsteen, Cash and Prine. As a barstool balladeer who can turn ordinary moments into lessons in wisdom and grace.

It took 15 years for Langlois to get to this point as an artist(he didn’t pick up a guitar until he was 22 years old). Along the way, he’s experienced highs and lows — including failed Canadian Idol auditions, national success with the Boom Chucka Boys, the break up that followed, and bouts of severe anxiety and depression.

He appears determined to embrace where he is and who he is, unapologetically.

“I want to make music for people who’ve been through s*%t and are still standing.” - RL

Shaela Miller

Shaela Miller - Vocals, Guitar.
Paul Holden - Bass.
Ryan "Skinny" Dyck - Pedal Steel Guitar.
Tyler Bird - Drums, Vocals.
Evan Uschenko - Guitar.

Lethbridge based Shaela Miller is fast becoming a senior stateswoman of Western Canadian Music Scene. Although steeped in tradition, Shaela’s sound is distinctly fresh and suggestive of contemporary influences like Lucinda Williams, Neko Case & Howe Gelb. Her affinity for the classic country greats of the yesteryear gives her an unparalleled disposition as an original ambassador of a new wave of country music. When asked to describe her music she replies simply: "Honky Tonk." But that’s certainly not all it is. Tear in your beer ballads, dance hall shuffles, and dark alt-country craft work are all part of the package. With a voice that will send shivers up your spine and a penchant for turning a phrase that will make you relish in its simple eloquence, Shaela’s musical force is unabated and unrivaled. Now in the latter throws of polishing her 2nd full length release (expected early 2018), look for Shaela to make a major career high water mark in the coming year.

Recent career highlights include a TV placement on HBO’s “True Blood,” a songwriting/production session in Los Angeles with Tim Feehan (Park Drive Productions), winning the South Country Fair songwriting competition and continuing to perform steadily while raising two children.


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