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CKXU Fright Hall with Radiation Flowers, 36?, J Blissette, marigold
Fri, Oct 25
Old Firehall - Lethbridge




CKXU 88.3 FM and the Terrific Kids Artist Collective are excited to announce the Oct 25 lineup for 'Fright'hall No. 1!!!!

✨☠️⚰️ The Radiation Flowers, 36?, J Blissette, Marigold ????????️✨

9PM | 'Fright'hall No. 1 | 402 2nd Ave S, Lethbridge AB
18+ Event | ???? $6 Pints | $10 at the Door

Radiation Flowers [indie psych rock]

Shelby Gaudet - Vocals, Guitar;
Amber Ross - Drums;
Christopher Laramee - Guitar;
Jay Allen - Bass;
Luke Goetz - Keys;

The sound of elevation throbbed into a vertical sky, The Radiation Flowers (formerly Powder Blue) navigate the same sonic playground as influences Spacemen 3, The Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Cure, among many others. Guitar rock for northern lights and dark side mantras muttered in the drowsy light, these folks know how to get you off with minimal chords played to maximal effect. Like they say, "it's a sci-fi-hurricane kinda groove".

36? [eclectic art-rock]

Taylor Cochrane
Justin Van Groningen
Kerry Hickli
Laura Hickli
Mike Malkin
Scott White

What does it mean to be an honest artist? This is the question that I continue to ask myself as I attempt to construct a more current description of the life I have led and how it has shaped my band 36?. There are many things of which I believe hang in the balance when considering one’s artistic integrity, but the one thing that I have come to need in art to consider it authentic is to feel everything unapologetically. Regardless of emotional weight, depth of thought, or scope of relatability, the content has to feel like it comes from a real place. This is why whenever I am asked the question, “what kind of music do you make?” I feel inclined to say, “it depends on my mood.” 36? emerged at a very difficult and incomprehensible time in my life. I existed in a constant state of medically induced psychosis. I wrote and recorded songs on a daily basis, a mechanical imagination running wild in a zombie suit. Appearing as a hazy shell of a human being to the outside world, a blank dead eyed slate sitting at the back of the classroom, but on the inside I was in a constant state of creation.
I suffered.
I felt it all, but I wasn’t in a state where I was confident enough to put my feelings to art. So much of the music I made back then was a translucent mask of angst. Pretending I was alright, I had to feel in control of something. Building myself up in my art in the hopes to paint a picture of my ideal self. So far removed from the withering, fearful, sad boy that I was. I have written a lot of music for 36? since then. The band has grown both emotionally and physically. What started as the basement musings of an insecure sixteen-year-old boy has become a touring project that I get to share with my best friends. Together we have toured over land and sea, recorded award-winning records in our many suburban basements, and received all of the praise the sad boy from my past ever could have asked for. But, through all of this, one thing that I felt I have never gotten over was the idea that my own personal thoughts and feelings were not worthy of my art. I have always written from the perspective of a caricature, until now. Milk Mountain, named after our immensely talented and incredibly attractive bass player Mike Malkin, is the first record I have ever put out in which I feel like every song speaks to something I have experienced directly. It’s the most real and exciting project I have ever been a part of. In many ways, I’m still that sad boy from the past. I feel like ‘crazy’ is not something I will ever grow out of, but rather grow into with clearer intent. I have grown to realize that my feelings are all that I have, and when I am real about them, people listen.

J Blissette [tropical power-pop]

J Blissette’s first full-length Frankensteins a raw, rock and roll heart with limbs from jangle pop and fuzzed out psychedelia. Blending the spright dynamism of Ty Segall with pure power pop sounds of Cloud Nothings and Yuck, Lethbridge, Alberta inhabitant Jackson Tiefenbach, the luminary behind J Blissette’s playbill, weaves a retrospective narrative on fucking up, reconciling, and conquering – Until I Go Blind offering the final word.
Simulating a mumblecore score from the 1990s, the first song on Until I Go Blind, “Champagne Airplane” is a “cocaine and convertibles” title theme, according to Jackson, that initiates the chase that is pursuing art. Jackson comments: “I’ve watched a lot of my artistically inclined peers move away from the pursuit of that fantasy artist life we all wanted when we were 16.” Until I Go Blind is a trip through and testament of the maze that is young adolescence – hitting it’s a-ha moment around “Drunk in the Park” – and it breaks through with an energy that will either have you jumping on your bed or cruising around town with the top down.
Made up of Ramones-influenced rhythm tracks with an exhilarating intensity, Until I Go Blind remembers the seeds of rock and roll, replants them, and garners them with humour, self-awareness, and a lightness of being that is shatteringly honest.


Marigold [witchy experimental art rock]

"If Chani Nicholas wrote sensitive no-wave tunes
Emotional, cathartic art-rock duo. Chock full of feelings, ready for friendship, and picking flowers. It's written in the stars that Marigold are destined to be your new favourite" - @sleaterkenney


City of Lethbridge- City Hall, L.P.I.R.G., Theoretically Brewing Company


This event is intended to be safe for all! Please treat others with kindness and respect. We would also like to acknowledge that this event is taking place on the Traditional Territories of the Niitsitapi, Tsuut’ina, Stoney Nakoda and Métis peoples. ♥


Old FirehallMap
Old Firehall   -   Website
402 2 Ave South
Country: ca


402 - 2 Avenue South, Lethbridge, Alberta

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