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Led Zeppelin show
Sat, Sep 18


Time: 9 p.m.


The Led Zeppelin Show is like no other capturing the raw and enthusiastic young Led Zeppelin in their prime ...

"Well, what can I say.. A big part of Kreater Custom Motorcycles is Rock and Roll. It's always been a passion of mine and I can't think of a better combination than Motorcycles, Rock and Roll, and Good times....
I am so glad we had The Led Zeppelin Show play our grand opening.. Everyone is still talking about what a job the band did with the songs, the stage presence and obvious commitment to giving people the best Zeppelin memories they could. I can't say enough about the whole show. Thanx again to you guys, and don't hesitate to put me on the list of many that would recommend you 1000%.
Rock on.."
Jeff Vander Zalm
Kreater Custom Motorcycles.

Testimonials: “Close your eyes and you would think Led Zeppelin themselves had reformed. Open your eyes and you would swear ‘The Led Zeppelin Show’ are, at the very least, the illegitimate love children of Page and Plant. Prepare yourself for the ‘hammer of the new rock gods,’ ‘The Led Zeppelin Show.’” – Dave Chesney, CBS Records Vancouver (retired), Editor/Publisher White Rock Sun

“Growing up as a serious Led Zeppelin fan I knew every note, every tone, every move and every word back to front. Being too young to have seen Led Zeppelin for myself, I always felt I missed out. When ‘The Led Zeppelin Show’ first played my nightclub, that feeling disappeared. These guys are it! Young, brash and loaded with talent. They’ve got the look and the feel, just as Led Zeppelin would have back in the day.” – Paul Brandon, owner, The Bourbon Night Club

"It is always difficult to find a band that has the raw talent to entertain and the youthful energy to accurately depict a band that defined a generation. ‘The Led Zeppelin Show’ is that band.”- Florio Vassilakakis, owner, Element Club Bar & Grill

“Their determination for perfection and honesty of reproduction will keep the house rockin’ all night. You can see the talent of these four ooze out with every note. – Luke Harley, Harley Productions

" I loved the energy and music of these amazing musicians and my girlfriend said she was amazed by the visuals and she wasn't talking about the light show!!"
Dean Richards - Musician/Producer


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The place is an arcade/nightclub— 420 - 6 Street South.