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Kelly Tschritter
Fri, Feb 4
Mocha Cabana - Lethbridge


Time: 6-9 p.m.

Cover: none

KMT came together officially in July 2008, but have been working up to this for years. Writing music and playing separately on the international scene Kelly Tschritter (vocals/guitar/piano) from Canada, Sir Touby (guitar/bass) from Germany, and Mike Nelson (drums/percussion) also from Canada were happy to announce the coming together and making of their first 4 song demo, ‘Hardt Sessions’ released in August 2008. After a quick start, with Mike jumping on a plane from Canada in late June 2009, and making his home for the next 6 months here in Freiburg (Germany) they furthered a momentum that could bull doze a mountain. From pubs to festivals, they have already built a small, but steady following in a few short months and have continued to expand to international waters as they have played a few shows in the southern Alberta over the new year to very receiving audiences who have shown how much they dig this new sound by the high record of cd sales, ya!

For 2009 KMT will be back to two members, Kelly Tschritter and Sir Touby will continue to play the Europe scene upon their return to Germany February 11th 2009 and will complete their full length album, let's hope, before ringing in the year 2010.

The style of music with this group can be defined as a singer-songwriter style although it is influenced by many of the greats in the industry from all genres. Some examples are Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, Bill Whithers, Sarah Harmer, Kate Bush, Nina Simone and Sting just to name a few.

‘KMT is all about the music’ as one fan exclaimed and then hired them for his festival, others have had similar things to say when describing their musical performance. ‘You can tell that their focus is the music and nothing else matters’ and it is true if you ask the band they would agree, Kelly Tschritter the vocalist adds ‘it is the music that matters and if we have the ability to bring this to the public we are satisfied and encouraged to create even more’. Kelly has watched as her audience slowly grows quiet as they are brought to another world and sometimes even to tears from the shear pureness and power of her voice, and not a moment later she is bashfully thanking them while Sir Touby brings out the groove for the next number.

The music will get your attention at first, but fans seem to also grow to love the genuine nature of the group. You can’t help but feel like you are long lost friends meeting up after years, and then hanging out in your living room to hear their latest tune.



Mocha CabanaMap
Mocha Cabana   -   Website
317 4 Street South
T1J 1Z9
Country: ca


(403) 329-6243

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