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Locomotive Ghost with Matt Robinson
Sat, Aug 27


Time: 9 p..m.

Cover: none

Locomotive Ghost is not just another rock band.  It is a melding of songwriters, poets, producers, and artists that yields modern folk infused with 70’s roots-rock and galvanized by cross-decade alternatives.  Each member’s unique strengths temper “a mature and confident sound that stands out from a lot of other Canadian bands right now” (Grayowl Point).  The Calgary, Aberta-based group is directed by singer/guitarist Mike Buckley, powered by bassist Ben Nixon, and propelled by drummer Cortney Osness.  Together they are fueled from an alchemy of influences, including Dave Matthews, Bob Dylan, Paul Simon and The Band, but the spark that’s been struck forms a fire all their own.

With an impending hiatus, Locomotive Ghost returned to the studio immediately upon completion of their successful Summer 2010 tour.  After performing everywhere from tiny bookstores to massive night clubs and battling extremes of weather (from walls of fog to freak blizzards), the group turned road experiences into new tunes.  Somehow, amidst the members’ other commitments of running a recording studio, finishing a music diploma, and raising a family, everything fell into place for the album project to be completed with just hours to spare.  The product of that serendipity is Close Your Eyes and Listen.  This second album demonstrates new depth and refined focus in the band’s sound.  The songs are flowing and curvaceous, displaying heartfelt singing enveloped by mellow tones and dance-inciting grooves.  The folk-rock group will be touring in support of their new release throughout the Summer and Fall of 2011.

Locomotive Ghost was formed when Buckley, Nixon, and Osness met at Selkirk College in Nelson, BC.  The trio instantly connected when a casual jam brought forth a mesmerizing rendition of Neil Young’s Cortez the Killer.  They played together off-and-on for nearly a year before committing to the project and settling on a name (which they stumbled upon in a line from Allen Ginsberg’s Sunflower Sutra).  In 2010 Locomotive Ghost released their self-titled debut album, and embarked on a stretch of Spring/Summer touring which included performances with Miss Quincy, Fish & Bird, and The Grass Mountain Hobos.  In the Spring of 2011 they relocated to Calgary to further expand their fan base.

Cheryl Hodge, Editor of, was quoted as saying, “You know that feeling a person gets when they see a musical act destined for greatness? Those are the kind of chills that run up my spine when I see Locomotive Ghost."  Come see them for yourself as they tour Western Canada this Summer and Fall.


Owl Acoustic Lounge
411 3rd Ave South
T1J 0H2
Country: ca


Lethbridge, AB

Owl is Lethbridge’s newest Lounge in the same building which had Mood, Squeaky’s Pub before and O Riley’s before that. They feature live acoustic music and excellent food. 

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