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Lethbridge Dethfest
Fri, Aug 29


Time: 6 p.m.


Doors will be at 6 pm each day, with bands starting at 6:45 pm.
So make sure you get there on time to get your full hard earned money's worth of kick ass metal!

Admission at doors each day is 30 bucks and that 30 bones will get you a ticket to win cool door prizes each night.
Weekend passes will be available July 1st and will be 50 dollars, available at the Vent. It's a far better deal and that ticket gets you entered into a massive Dethfest Prize Pack with tons of awesome shit, well worth over 50 dollars. The even cooler part is that you still get a regular ticket at the door to make you eligible to win the door prizes too. So go out to the Vent, have a beer or two, and get your fuckin weekend ticket to win lots of shit and see a fucking killer show!

Also the Bloody Maple Leaf Society will once again be running shuttles to and from the show, so if you are hard up for a ride, don't worry, contact us for an affordable ride (10 bucks for a ride there and back) and book your seat. Otherwise, see you at the show!!! \m/ \m/

Friday August 29th
Headlining Friday night will be the


Formed in 1998 after the dis-banding of Subversion (of which ALL four
members were also part of...

Walter Mason [Chainsaw Charlie] – Vocals and Guitar
Derek Rockall [Henry the 1st] – Guitar and Vocals
Stuart Carruthers [Jonny] – Bass and Vocals
Jason Mosdell [Cranswick] – Drums

GOLERS has built up momentum over the course of 4 albums and many tours.
1999's "South Mountain Style" ushered in the classic Goler sound combining most, if not all
extreme metal styles with punk and thrash into one cohesive sound.
Next up was 2004's "2nd Generation", which showcased a slightly more polished sound and
with these two albums they began to gain a following in their hometown of Vancouver BC
and surrounding cities.
2009 saw the release of their 3rd album "Backwoods Messages" which has helped spread the Goler
word further.

''In ‘n’ Outlaws'' is the first new material from GOLERS since 2009's ''Backwoods Messages''.
The band hit the legendary MUSHROOM STUDIO's [R.I.P.] with Producer/Engineer/Manager ROB SHALLCROSS (GENE HOGLAN, STRAPPING YOUNG LAD, WEST OF HELL) in 2012-2013 to record the new release slated for release this summer.
Bringing their very own brand of hardcore crossover thrash with a punk edge, this Inbred Militia has shared the stage and toured Europe and North America with such acts as TOXIC HOLOCAUST, KREATOR, THE ACCUSED, NAPALM DEATH, SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, DAYGLO ABORTIONS and DESTRUCTION.
The GOLERS bass player STUART CARRUTHERS, a.k.a. JOHNNY GOLER, was once recruited by DAVE LOMBARDO for his project GRIP INC. The other GOLERS have been playing with themselves for years!
GOLERS have this to say about their new release:
"We are very proud of our newest album "In ‘n’ Outlaws", it’s a fine example of what we consider to be "THE GOLER sound". It's FAST, EVIL, PUNK-METAL!!!”


The crushed heads and dismembered remains of PUTRESCENCE (ex-Head Hits Concrete, Seven Plagues) have been assaulting and mutilating frenzied and degenerate audiences across Canada and the United States since the spring of 2003. Since its initial exhumation from a desolate field near a cement manufacturing plant in Winnipegs north end, the band has sworn vengeance upon the living by launching into a brutal campaign of power drilling stale and grotesque music deep inside craniums and soft, juicy eyeball sockets.

Releases have been pouring like warm plasma out of an axed up human skull. "Occult Blood and Excrement", the 5 song demo was released in the fall of 2003. A year later in the fall of 2004, "Mangled, Hollowed Out and Vomit-Filled" was regurgitated by No Escape Records. A September 2005 tour of Eastern Canada followed. In late 2005, the band recorded tracks for a split EP with Embalming Theatre.

In 2006, the band released a second full length CD on No Escape Records with the 12" vinyl version on One Percent Records.

In 2007, having added Dennis Mott on 2nd guitar, the band played the Maryland Deathfest, and released a new album for Power It Up Records. "Fatal White Pustules Upon Septic Organs" was supported with appearances at Bloodshed Fest in Holland and Moshfest in Poland as part of the mid-October European Blowtorch Decapitation tour. Over a two and a half week period. Putrescence played numerous countries alongside such bands as Regurgitate, Dead Infection, Extreme Noise Terror, Squash Bowels, Afgrund, Malignant Tumor, Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition, Neuropathia, Gadget and many, many more.

In 2008, the band finished recording new material, appeared on a split 7" with I Die Screaming on Eschaton Industries. The band also took part on a split 7" with Archagathus on Kill Bomb/Rescued from Life Records, out hopefully in 2049. As well, Putrescence released a fourth fourth full length album, "Sledgehammer Holocaust" on October 31st on No Escape Records. A two week tour of Western Canada took place in early November with Impaled and Fuck the Facts.

2009 has seen the band completing a successful jaunt out to Alberta and back. 2009 has also brought the departure of Dennis Mott and the addition of Jay Edwards on guitar. Presently the band is holed up in the basement writing, waiting, and trying to piece together the most extreme tunes the band has put together in six years of existence.

2010 will see the band perform at Maryland Deathfest as well as Obscene Extrem

Kyden McFaget- Guitar
John Grindall- Drums
Earl Clackston- VocalsThree dudes. Brutal tunes. Ride the snake.


Death Toll Rising

Jesse Berube
Drew Copland
Tylor Dory
Mike Puff
Bryan Newbury

Featuring a combination of Death and Thrash metal, Edmonton-based Death Toll Rising are known to devastate their audiences with their high octane, energetic performances, having shared the stage with high profile names such as KATAKLYSM, CRYPTOPSY, THE HAUNTED, and ABORTED (to name a few).

Originally formed in 2003 in Stony Plain, AB, Canada, they have been grinding the Western Canadian metal scene steadily, gaining huge momentum over the last 3 years. New addition Tylor Dory on guitars has introduced a technical and progressive element to the band they have not had in the past. Add in the intense and relentless drumming provided by Bryan Newbury (recently recruited by Canadian Prog/Death powerhouse INTO ETERNITY), as well as the well-rounded rhythm provided by Drew Copeland on guitar and Mike Puff on bass, and you get a monster that is only now being unleashed upon the masses. Vocalist Jesse Berube tops things off with a combination of brutal death growls and Tomas Lindberg-esqe high shrieks.

After a successful string of shows and tours throughout 2010 and 2011, in support of their first full length album “Defecation Suffocation”, Death Toll Rising went back to the studio to record their follow up sophomore release ‘Infection Legacy’, now set to be unleashed this coming October 2013.
Without Mercy

Throne of Vengeance

Tommy Shakes - Vocals/Guitar
Trevor Cobb - Skins/Vocals
Riley Cobb - Bass/Vocals
Brady Side - Guitar/Vocals

Since its inception in early 2009, TOV has released a 5 song EP (Toxic Black Cloud 2009), a full length album (Flesh Engine 2011) that hit #4 on Earshot's National "Loud" Chart (College/University Radio) in February 2012, and a sophomore album (Live Evil 2013).

2-Time Winners of the CBC's "Best Rock Band" (2011 and 2012) and nominated once again in 2013, Throne Of Vengeance is a hard-working, local supporting, independent rock band, striving to cultivate the music scene from the ground up, in order to further solidify the quality and integrity of Canadian's musical talent, while establishing themselves in the Canadian Rock genre.

Stay tuned to for the latest news and events.
Bridging the gap between metal and rock with help from dual guitar harmonies, pounding drum lines and wide-ranging vocal harmonies, Calgary’s Throne of Vengeance is out with a brand new EP, Live Evil, full of the band's signature thrash-tinged rock.

Tramp Stamper

Swervin Jimmy James vox
Trav "H.J. Skin Slapper" drums
Evan "Honky" guitar
Shaun "Meathooks" bass

We formed in November 2011, all of us sick of the music scene with everybody trying to outdo everyone else and all the drama. We started hanging out and just jamming with no intention of BS. Our booze filled debauchery and crazy lifestyles fuelled the fire for hard hitting songs all based on true events. We don't pretend to be something we're not and aren't gonna change. If you don't like it, we don't care! After only a couple months of jamming and with only a small amount of material we began to play live shows, leaving the crowd only wanting more. Progressively we were asked to do larger scale shows and began to dominate larger audiences. We have since recorded two EP's in Los Angeles California by Jeff Hannan and mastered by world renowned Howie Weinberg realizing that only the best will do, even though the expense is much higher than recording locally. We pay for this ourselves. We are not spoon fed white collar kids having had everything handed to them in order to reach our goals. We are hard working blue collar people who bust their asses to make this all happen. We've played and partied with the likes of Nashville Pussy, Supersuckers, and Kill Devil Hill to name a few are going hard to try and get onto bigger and better shows. So check us out, you surely won't be disappointed, and if you are, it's no skin off our backs...


Genre Throat tearing, head crushing METAL

Members Vanan Kesavan - Vocals and Guitars Kyle Helmer - Guitars Merv Zee - Bass Drayden Perner-Mathews - Drums

Reaper B Wolfreign-Singer
Lazy-eye Steve -Singer
Sirus Ball-drums
Chad Tym-guitar
Surtur Rising-guitar

Alienated as individuals within the majority of our own Community death god is a definition without religion or creed. As we are DETHGOD!!!!
Hailing from the Morley Reservation of the Stoney Nakoda Nation, Bevan Twoyoungmen and Blaine Baptiste stared this cover band back in late 2007 called Chained in darkness.

It was a rough start with different changes in the set with different drummers,bass and second guitar, almost to the point of giving up, the name chained in darkness stuck till the start of 2010 both original members called it quits till late 2011 stared over from scratch.

Long time drummer Cyrus Ear wanted to start a band and Blaine Baptiste was there and both wanted to start a small project so the two became the original founders of the band and with countless attempts to find a vocalist seemed very thin with no true committed vocalist in the reservation.

Till Bevan came on broad and was in a challenge in creating original songs, no more covers then went through a few second guitarists till Chad the brother of the singer jumped in, many name changes not till 2012when all members of the band agreed on AFTERDEATH but another band from Florida had the same name, then the band in early 2013 of march the band finally came up with the name DETHGOD.

With a second set of vocals in Stephen Hanson but still having trouble to find a committed bass player, the band mostly had fill ins and try outs but no such luck.

The band finally stick with new and original songs and still going strong to this day once was just a simple project that would eventually died out like ever band from Morley, became something so much more then that of a hobbies.

DETHGOD is here forever!
DETHGOD is a death metal band from the Stoney Nakoda First Nations Reservation, although the members are mostly judged and criticized by the majority of their own community, the band still takes pride as an aboriginal, with half of the music is based on the Nakoda peoples history while half is based upon the point of view of the modern everyday life on the reservation and the inspirations of each band members influences by other metal bands.



Members Layne - lead guitar Skruffy - bass Alex - rhythm guitar Dylan - drums 



The Vent
1814 20 Ave
T1M 1N1
Country: ca


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