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Tin and the Toad
Sat, Dec 7
The Slice - Lethbridge


Time: 9 p.m.

Bring your dancing shoes for an evening of Alt-Country fun with Southern Alberta's favourite farm band Tin and the Toad! $10 at the door.

Tin and the Toad hail from the great plains of western Canada with a sound that rumbles like a freight train and whispers like the wind. Songs of whiskey, campfires, horses and broke-down equipment ramble into tales of love and loss rooted in western tradition yet deranged by the modern world. Four unique songwriters create a dynamic that blends together with an honest and authentic sense of community and passion expressed in four-part harmony with ease and familiarity. Travelling and performing across western Canada from their home province of Alberta, earning their spots on stages at folk festivals, ranch parties and rodeo dances to share their songs and stories with a variety of fine people…..and livestock. The hats they wear on stage are the hats they wear off-stage.

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All events at The Slice are 18+.

The Slice Bar & Grill is a Safe Space. All events should be a harassment-free experience for all, regardless of age, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, disability or physical appearance. Harassment of any event attendees, performers, staff or organizers in any form will not be tolerated. Anyone in violation of this Safe Space policy will be evicted from the venue with no refunds, and depending on the situation, may be held liable for their actions.

Tin and the Toad

 If you go about 8 miles South on the old airport road off the Connemara Highway, you will come to TWP road 154 which heads west and terminates at the eastern edge of the Twin Valley lake. There is a gate to the North that opens to the natiive grass along the lakeshore. It's a great place to ride a horse and/or get drunk, and I recommend you do both- just maybe not at the same time. While there, if you could have a look around for a green-handled 6" buck knife, I would greatly appreciate it. Lost it just this past May, and it's very dear to me. Take care now.

Tin - Justin Smith - Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals, beard
Toad - Cody Shearer - Guitar, Vocals, mistakes
Pete Loughlin - Bass, Vocals, cactus hat, onstage banter
Steve Loree - Guitar, Vocals, everything good and true in this god forsaken world.

Tin is about 5’11″ I think, with a full Jesus beard and broader shoulders than the average man his size due to wrassling calves in his formative years. He plays accoustic guitar, mandolin, and writes some of the songs.

The Toad is slightly taller but not nearly as intelligent or articulate. He is, however, an avid flyfisherman. He plays accoustic guitar and writes and sings some of the songs.

Ryan Shearer is kind of like a drummer and drives about 70 000 km annually.

Peter Loughlin is the tallest man in the universe, a bass player, banjo player, and reggae jibberish expert.

Steve Loree is Steve Fucking Loree and he does what he’s going to do.

In all seriousness, we try to create music that tastes like the lives of those living here on the foothills and plains of southern Alberta. Authenticity is the point, but so is tequila and sausage on the barbeque. Once in a while, we gather ourselves and venture to the big ol’ city to share the tunes with the fine folks that frequent the good watering holes.


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