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Pat Maloney
Sat, Jan 27


Time:9 p.m

Cover: $10

Pat Maloney is all over Ontario again in January, visiting some favourite spots before heading back to Western Canada.

A true red and white travelling songwriter, Pat Maloney has performed a thousand times in the last few years all over Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States. He's a casual strummer who sings in a rich baritone, stomping away and whistling like no other. Three full length albums deep, Pat's catalogue is diverse in character & feel. A committed genre hopper, his music is inclusive and free of pretension. The one thing his songs have in common is that they all tell stories. Real stories, with real heart and a healthy sense of humour. His favourite bartender once said his voice makes her want to sip a nice bourbon and fall in love. He told her he would add that to his next bio.

Owl Acoustic Lounge
9pm, $10


Who is Pat Maloney?

“[Pat Maloney’s] music is soulful, honest, hilarious and smart” – Fingers on Blast, 2015

Pat Maloney is a Canadian songwriter, a storyteller, and a serious whistler.  He’s a concerned citizen, with a busted acoustic guitar and a fake bass drum.  He’s a too-tall, Ottawa ex-pat, singing songs as meaningful as he can muster, with a healthy, self-defaming sense of humor.


Since Fall of 2013 Pat has performed more than 600 times in 4 different countries.   Lengthy tours of the United Kingdom during University “Freshers” and “Refreshers” seasons have galvanized his efforts as a hard-working, self-made artist.  Pat is an award-winning favorite in the Canadian campus market.


In three short years, he has released three full-length albums, and a dozen “art project” style stop-motion animated music videos.  The single Repotting hit number one on several campus charts in Ontario and the Maritimes.


Audiences are dazzled by Pat Maloney’s natural candor on stage.  The ad-lib banter comes across like a comedy show, while his brand of quirky folk music doesn’t hesitate to explore the lesser-spoken meaning of things.  He sings with refreshing purpose, in a rich baritone.



Root Rot (2013) and Repotting (2014), two full-length recordings, describe a transition from village to town to city.  From school and working world to creative and socio-economic freedom.  Both records are sold out of the first run, planted with care all over Canada and The United Kingdom.

RIGHTHERE (2016) is Pat’s first acoustic, live-in-studio album.  The record is his first to go without the comforts of extra instrumentation.  It is a true singer-songwriter album featuring just his voice, a guitar, a bass drum, and lots of whistling.  The recording offers nine songs about touring in England’s rugged midlands, his travels across Canada and his life in Ontario.



2015 Winner - Canadian Organization of Campus Activities’ (COCA) “Singer-Songwriter of the Year”.

2015 Nominee – Jack Richardson Music Awards Folk / Roots Solo Album of the Year (Repotting)

2014 Nominee – 94.9 CHRW Local Album of the Year (Repotting)

2014 Nominee – London Music Awards Folk Album of the Year (Root Rot)


Owl Acoustic Lounge
411 3rd Ave South
T1J 0H2
Country: ca


Lethbridge, AB

Owl is Lethbridge’s newest Lounge in the same building which had Mood, Squeaky’s Pub before and O Riley’s before that. They feature live acoustic music and excellent food.