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NAAG Studio - Archive

255 12C Street North
T1H 2M6
Country: ca


Date Title Venue Type
Sat, Apr 17 Name Arr Ammateur Golf Team with the Pine Tarts and Fist City NAAG Studio Rock
Wed, Jun 9 The Famines, The Radians, Fist City, Gobble Gobble and Braids NAAG Studio Rock
Sun, Jul 4 Tyvek NAAG Studio Alternative
Thu, Jul 29 Shots Were Fired NAAG Studio Pop
Mon, Aug 23 Fist City record release party with Lucid 44 NAAG Studio Alternative
Fri, Sep 24 Ahna and the Square Waves NAAG Studio Rock
Fri, Oct 1 Shrapnelles, Moby Dicks, Fist City NAAG Studio Rock
Sun, Oct 17 B.A. Johnston, Magnificent 7s, Moby Dicks NAAG Studio Rock
Fri, Oct 29 CKXU Synthesia with Lustre Creame, John Greenshields, Kaoss Lesbots and Floods NAAG Studio Rock
Sat, Nov 13 Rogers Pass Film screening with Fist City, War Baby and Krang NAAG Studio Rock
Tue, Jan 25 Naag first anniversary with Shotgun Jimmie, Jay Baird and Forest Tate Fraser NAAG Studio Rock
Sat, Feb 5 Friendo, Fist City NAAG Studio Rock
Fri, Apr 1 Jay Crocker with Deadhorse NAAG Studio Country
Mon, Apr 9 Death Ballads tour with Ben Sures, David P Smith and Bubba Uno NAAG Studio Folk
Thu, Apr 26 Kevin Stebner’s -Cold Water,Dave Smith, Sandy Cassels. NAAG Studio Pop
Fri, Apr 27 C.R. Avery NAAG Studio Folk
Fri, May 11 ’80s keg party Uncle Jesse and the Rippers with DJ Bob Saget NAAG Studio Rock
Fri, Jun 15 Brenna Lowrie, Astral Swans and Gold NAAG Studio Rock
Sat, Aug 4 Feral Children, Zombifyus, Jesse and the Dandelions and the Yeah Dads NAAG Studio Rock
Fri, May 10 Drama Nutz Bring a Chair Improv 2 NAAG Studio Comedy

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