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High Valley bringing the Christmas spirit to Lethbridge

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Canadian country  senstions High Valley, have come by their country roots honestly.

“We’re Christan boys, we started singing in church and we all grew up on a farm. And we’re playing a church at High Valley comes to Lethbridge, Dec. 10. Photo submittedChristmastime. It’s fun to get back and do that again. So we’re excited about it ,” said lead singer Brad Rempel, who along with his brothers Bryan  and Curtis, play their first headlining concert in Lethbridge, Dec. 10 at the Victory Church, which will include familiar Christmas songs, songs from the CD and maybe some new songs which may appear on their next CD.

But for now, they are about to drop the third single from their self titled debut CD — “A Father’s Love ( The Only Way He Knew How)”

  Their last single, “On The Combine,” co-written with Paul Brandt,  was released perfectly, just in time for harvest season this fall.

Bucky Covington had a hit with “ A Father’s Love ( The Only Way He Knew How)”  earlier this year, however, High Valley’s version will be on the air in January.

“We actually didn’t write that. Our  friend Thom Shepherd pitched it to us. All three of us have to fight back the tears every time we play it. Because that is the story of our lives. That’s our father,” Rempel said adding while this is their first headlining tour, this isn’t by any stretch their first tour and the songs aren’t new.

“We started touring in 2001. We’d been playing ‘On The Combine,’ for years before we recorded it. We had enough farmers and people come up to us  and said they liked it, that we had to put it on the album,” Remple continued from a  sound check in Regina adding he is pleased with the popularity of the CD.

“It’s been awesome. It came out in  the middle of September and it even spent a few days on the charts ahead of Taylor Swift. It wasn’t very long, but we enjoyed that,” he continued thanking HWV and CD Only for strong sales. But they are glad to be playing churches and community halls for their tour.
“Church is where we started singing and it’s Christmas, so we want to spread some Christmas spirit. People have different traditions. We’re on the road during the Christmas season. So it will feel like Christmas every night all over again,” he continued.

But they aren’t afraid to take a few well-meaning shots  at  the more pious than thou on their self-titled CD High Valley, which was released in September. Listen to  ‘Somebody Like Me’  which tells the sad story of a drunk who wanders into a church looking for acceptance and forgiveness and only gets judgement  and ‘Plastic Jesus,’  about people who only pray when they want something, for evidence.

“We want to sing about the kind of faith that  everyone can believe in. And “Somebody Like Me ” has a choir on it, so we get the crowd to volunteer to sing that part of it. When you have 200 people sitting there and listening, you might as well get them singing,” he said.

High Valley will begin writing and looking at songs  after this Christmas tour, for  their sophomore CD.
“ We talk a lot with our fans. We hope people come out. It’s  fun to play for a crowd. The bigger the crowd, the more fun it is,” he said.

— By Richard Amery, L.A. Beat Editor
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