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Ask Margo— mind the age gap

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Q- Hey Margo, I don’t understand women, can you help me? First of all, when is a woman too young to date? When do age differences become a problem? Does age matter if you connect on almost every level, at least I think?
A- A woman is too young to date is she is underage (obviously) or when one or both partners notice the age difference enough to be bothered by it.

For instance, you might feel a woman is too young for you when the things she says annoy the hell out of you, or embarrass you and/or when her friends look at you funny and you hear them mutter words like ‘creep’ or ‘perv’ when they think you can’t hear them.

It isn’t the age that matters; it’s how you make each other feel (she shouldn’t feel like she’s with someone who can’t keep up, and he shouldn’t feel like some dirty old man). Maturity level and life experience can vary from person to person, regardless of age, so some significantly age gapped partnerships can be very mutually satisfying. 

If dating young women makes you feel good, or if you know a particular young woman who you think is awesome, and you have a good connection with, than I say have-at-er.

Though, as I have said in a previous column, going too far out of your league will cause you grief. Studies have revealed again and again that men like younger, attractive women. So, if you go for young attractive women and you are much older than them, you should also be able to bring something special to the relationship (intelligence, wealth and status - it is also revealed in countless studies that many women dig the hell outta men with money and a high social status). If you don’t possess these things and this balance of give and take is outta whack, the relationship will be a headache and likely won’t last very long.

You don’t want to be one of those dudes who, when he finally does manage to date a woman who is way younger than him, ruins it all by acting as though it was luck and not his charm that allowed him to get so close to her, so he simultaneously doubts and congratulates himself and the relationship to death and ends up left with the distant but unforgettable memory of her long after she has forgotten him…right? So be and stay confident that you do have what it takes, if and when, you score some dates with a hot young lady. 
As for understanding women, I don’t get them either. It’s best not to try to understand the whole gender, as we as individuals are way more complicated than that.
Do you have a relationship/dating/sex question? Ask Margo for advice. Email questions to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

—  By Margo, Special To L.A. Beat
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